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Mel Bracht Has a Crummy Job…

Sad man

Up on NewsOk.com, Mel Bracht has a neat little story about the over saturation of the Oklahoma City Sports Radio market.  In a sidebar to the story, Mel lists his top five afternoon sports talk shows.  They are:

1. Jox 930: Ron Thulin and Jack Mildren:
2. The Sports Animal: Al Eschbach, Jim Traber
3. The Ref: Berry Tramel and Rusty Olson.
4. KOKC: James Hale, Jimbo Elrod and Dave Lanning
5. Fox Sports Radio: David Garrett and Jenni Carlson

This list is proof positive that Mel Bracht has a crummy job.  Imagine Mel prodding away in his cubicle, happily working on his weekly “What to Watch“ list, and then the sports editor walking up and saying,

“Mel, we need you to rank the top five drive time sports talk shows.  People in OKC need to know what to listen to.  Starting today, you must listen to Jenni and Dave Garrett.”

“But…but”¦I want to share with our readers the best sporting events to watch this weekend.  I also want to write the weekly TV ratings.”

“You have to do that too!  And don’t argue with me, or we’re going to stick you on the High School sports beat.”


“And take down that picture of Mike Morgan.”

No wonder Mel has the beard of a crazy man.  Think of how painful it would be to listen to David Garrett and Jenni Carlson talk about Chris Paul for three hours.  And Jimbo Elrod?  Three hours of his Andy Dillard on-crack voice could land someone in a mental institution.  After listening to those shows, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Mel living in some beat down trailer in Jones drinking whiskey and eating squirrel with Clark Matthews.  That would be pretty cool.


  1. You bastard, I was logging in to write about this very thing.

    The reasons behind his list are ridiculous. The closest he gets to criticizing anyone is “weak signal” and “lack of callers.” Could this be because of the slight conflict of interest he has “rating” people that work with him?

    And major demerits for the sentence “I never was a fan of ‘The Sopranos.'”

  2. A radio show with Jack Mildren was rated #1?

    I have a theory that Jack never actually shows up in studio. Instead, they record whoever is on the show with Mildren. Then in between a pre-recorded “Oh yeah” and “Mm hm”, they play back the last two words the person said through a synthesizer set up to sound like Jack Mildren.

    Maybe I think about this stuff too much.

  3. ROTFL. I’ve not heard it put quite like that, but yes, that is what it’s like listening to Jack Mildren. He is constantly jumping in and finishing his co-hosts sentences or just repeating the exact same words that were said immediately before he started talking.

    And Ron Thulin, really? If we’re bringing back old OKC sportscasters, I vote Chris Needham.

  4. Maybe Mel will rate the morning shows next. Am I the only one who thinks Curtis can’t stand Pork and Audra, and vice versa? They seem to be clashing quite a bit.

  5. Yes to bringing back Chris Needham in some capacity. The guy never seemed to get any respect, even though he had a pretty varied play by play career (OCU basketball, Moore H.S. football, color man on the old arena league football team, which at least was a “major league” arena team, unlike what they have now) and was the lead sports anchor at Ch. 9 for a period of time. He never seemed to be “in” with the “in crowd” of Eschbach and the other talk radio people who started springing up. I think way back Needham had a radio talk show on WKY that was on at something like the ungodly hour of 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
    Needham’s nerdy style had something to recommend it, though it’s hard to say what.

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