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Grant Johnston is Scary!

Grant Johnston

In case you didn’t know, Grant Johnston (left), is a back-up weatherman on Channel 4. By looking at the picture above, you would think he his a pretty nice, harmless guy. And when you check out parts of his bio at KFOR, you’d think he is even less harmless than a lady bug.

When Grant is not tracking storms in the 4Warn Storm Center, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, playing the piano, and playing softball.

Playing the piano. Softball. Spending time with family and friends! How on earth can this guy be scary? I’ll tell you. Turn your speakers up and visit his website, GrantJohnston.com.


Are you back? If you’re like me, you’ll agree that there’s really nothing better than visiting someones website and being welcomed with loud thunder sound effects, lightning, purple darkness and the silhouette of the cross. Especially when you’re at work.

And if your also like me, you’ll agree that it’s pretty scary that Grant Johnston is a fanatical Christian.

You see, just like my thought that it is a bad idea for one of our weathermen to get drunk and wear a Superman shirt underneath his suit, I think it’s a bad idea for a weatherman to be a fanatical Jesus freak. I mean can you imagine what might happen if some F5 tornado comes blasting towards the city while Mike Morgan is in rehab? Grant might freak out and say it’s the end of the world, and that we’re all going to die. And then he’ll pull out a keyboard, play some hymns and tell old softball stories to calm everyone down before our apocalyptic hell.

Since that scenario is a possibility, and because Grant writes about himself in third-person, I really think I’m going to stick with Gary England for my severe weather coverage. For one, he’ll always let us know that it’s okay. And two, why watch a guy who’s obsessed with God, when you can watch God himself!


  1. I’ll stick with KFOR weather if for no other reason than they have David Payne, the most hilarious of all local TV personalities…

  2. What happened to the good ole days when all of the people in TV were hard-drinking liberal degenerates?

    People like Grant Johnson are why local news has fallen off the face of the earth.

  3. As a Christian, I got nothing against other Christians. I’m just scared of fanatical Christian weathermen who bring Thunder and Lightening to my Internet browser.

  4. So are the thunder and lightning on his web site because he just really likes weather, or as a message that I will be burning for the rest of eternity?

  5. i am praying to a christian god that he’s single. please please please! there’s nothing sexier than talking about yourself in third person. remember that, boys.

  6. You know what’s gonna happen right? God has a great sense of humor.

    Grant will end up marrying Amy McRee, and all of us will be devastated. Then, who will be on his knees praying every night, hoping for a similar miracle??

  7. Patrick has learned that Amy McRee has children. Patrick as also learned from experience that marriage is a form of punishment. Patrick would feel sorry for Grant.

  8. (Using that third-person stuff…)
    Mr. None understands Patrick. Mr. None did hard-time in a marriage for too long, but finally escaped with just the clothes on his back. Mr. None learned his lesson well. Mr. None not want to marry Amy either…too high-maintenance.

  9. I think Grant’s message is that he is a real person with passions beyond meteorology, its a pleasure to see that a TV personality isnt a shallow person (as too many indeed seem)…

    I know Grant personally, and can vouch that he is a great guy… a good Christian man that is honest and kind…who dedicates his time to great causes like Habitat for Humanity….

    A Christian man that stands up for what he believes in… how on earth can that be scary? The only thing thats scary here is the moron that wrote this story…!

  10. I would rewrite the comment in third-person to entertain Patrick but Big Boy thinks the comment is too long and would take much more work than he is willing to attempt.(see I did that cool first and third thing Tony did)

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