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Tyler Nelson May Soon Go Missing

Meet Edmond’s own Tyler Nelson. Things were going so well for Mr. Nelson. After studying ballet at the Kirov Academy in Washington D.C., he went on to practice professionally in Russia. He then parlayed that success into getting a role in the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel and a part in Brad Pitt’s next film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Then, he pissed off the wrong people.

In an interview with the Edmond Sun, Nelson got a bit of a big mouth and spilled what he knew of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s upcoming blockbuster, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In the flick, Nelson was supposed to be a Russian soldier/dancer. After offering up spoilers, however, it is being reported that Nelson’s scene was cut. If that had been the only retribution, Tyler would have considered himself lucky.

In exacting their revenge, the first step of the Lucas/Spielberg juggernaut was to erase the offending article from public consumption. Seriously, click here and try to read it. (Luckily, Hollywood is less powerful than Google and their cache.)  Step two was to obliterate, Tyler Nelson from the Wikiverse. (Again, the Google cache comes to the rescue.)  Now, Spielberg’s people are thinly veiling threats about the Edmond ballerino’s chances of ever working in the movie industry again.

What is next for Tyler Nelson in his karmic retribution? There is very little left that Lucas Films can do to exact their revenge. They have carefully removed proof of his existence like the “thought police” in 1984. So, I see his IMDB profile going next. Then, one day, Tyler Nelson will not show up for a dance recital, and DreamWorks SKG will release an animated feature about a weasel named Ty who learns a lesson about telling other people’s secrets.


  1. “A rep for Spielberg would not confirm for the New York Post the veracity of the apparant spoilers, but literally mwa-ha-haed “who knows if that particular person will ever work in this town again”

    Bonus points for working “mwa-ha-haed” into a sentence. Bravo to TV Guide.

  2. If the guy would just have kept his mouth shut nothing would have happened.

    Of course this kid is never gonna work in Hollywood again. Who’s gona hire a nobody that can’t keep his trap shut?

  3. Visitor… actually Tyler comes from the ballet world where this type of disclosure is considered a promotion. It would be in Speilberg’s bet interest to reinsert the scenes and issue an apology as bad press like this could kill attendance at the next Indy. Very bad form on his part!

  4. An apology for what dspguy? Keeping this guy to his contract? I assume he has had enough education to read, so when he read his contract he must have understood he was not allowed to spill information about this movie. He did regardless. Im sure he was told what would happen if he did. And now he is expreriencing that. Don’t expect people to feel sorry for him

    Bad press? the press is not gonna remember this guy’s name in about a week or two. Nor will the movie going public. Well, maybe the will remember his name; as the kid who shoot his own career before it even began because he just could not keep his big mouth shut.

  5. […] Give up the plots to one of the biggest movies coming down the pipe when you are a lowly extra on the set with one of the biggest Director/Producers ever, may just kill your career.  This guy may well have his scenes cut from the movie as well.  There should be a Darwin Award for Career Death.  Hey…. […]

  6. haaa. this is my friend’s brother. his whole family acts. i kinda feel sorry for him…but still.

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