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We were duped!

The State Fair of Oklahoma

It looks like our grand prize winning photograph from the state fair wasn’t as authentic as we thought, and was instead part of some strange act put on by the guy pictured above.  The guy, who according to his MySpace page is named Gordon, thought it would be fun to get all dressed up and go the fair and act silly, which he seemed to accomplish.  We know this because Gordon writes about it on his MySpace Blog.  He also created a separate post where he brags about winning our contest.  In it, he says:

My good friend Schmitz asked my persmission to submit one of my State Fair pics to a contest at thelostogle.com. I, of course, said yes and I, of course, won! My picture was voted the best picture from the fair. And because I won, I get a FREE t-shirt! Thanks Schmitz! Ch-Ch-Check it out!

Don’t get me wrong.  We liked the picture and thought it was funny, and still kind of do.  However, most of the winning pic’s charm and humor was held in the belief that the person pictured in it was a real person, with a real name and a real fanny pack.  When you find out it was a staged event pulled of by a stoned college kid with a penchant for facial hair and The Neverending Story, it’s just not as funny. 

Anyway, I guess we should have known the picture was probably fake.  It really was too good to be true, but since it was pretty much the only decent picture we received, it still wins our contest.  So enjoy your FREE t-Shirt Gordon or Schmitz or Jason or whoever you are, and next year, send us some real pictures!    


  1. Also, Gordon, work out your left arm some more. Your right bicep is much larger than the left. I won’t ask why.

  2. You failed to mention that Gordon’s #1 friend on MySpace is Toby Keith. Shouldn’t he be disqualified from winning the T-Shirt for that alone?

  3. I think more people should be willing to do what Gordon did. He committed to a beautiful form of jackass tomfoolery for the sake of a laugh. And honestly, I don’t think he needs to get stoned to come up with such genius antics. This guy should have his own theme music and a sponsorship from Wal-Mart. And did you really not get the humor behind #1 friend T.K.? Come on.

  4. Oh, come on guys. That guy is freakin hillarious, whether that is his every day look or not. It still takes a “special” kind of person to pull that off, even if it’s a joke.

    He deserves that free t-shirt.

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