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Fun with Pictures: Wayne Coyne

As you hopefully know by now, the Gazette and Wayne Coyne are putting on
the Ghouls Gone Wild Parade through the Downtown and Bricktown
streets tomorrow. Our “sources” with The Gazette claim that the parade will
be a happy good time. They even gave us some good reasons to go. Here’s some of what they said:

There will be Jedis. There will be blood. There will be beer.

The Flaming Lips are leading the festivities.

Bloody schoolgirls



ZERO former Miss Americas or astronauts

Amy McRee in a pink bikini*

*unconfirmed, however Lauren Richardson will be doing her on-the-spot interviews. I’m doing my best to bring my own soft-serve ice cream dispenser

Another thing that’s fun about the parade is seeing Wayne Coyne turn into some well oiled PR machine. He’s presented the Seven Day Forecast on the Channel 25 morning show and even dropped an f-bomb at the dedication of Flaming Lips Alley in Bricktown.

But what’s weird is that he sold his soul and did an interview with the Oklahoman.
Perhaps amazed that Wayne would actually give the interview, NewsOK
went insane and published about 5,000 pictures from the Q & A session at LOOK
at OKC
. I went through them, picked out the better ones, and gave them some poorly
written captions. I did this because that’s what we do with this “Fun With Pictures” thing. Check it after the jump.

Picture 1:

Although slightly exaggerated, Wayne describes the size of the Flaming Lips Alley street sign.

Picture 2:

Wayne confronts Elliot, telling him that not only is the offering unflattering, but inappropriate, too.

Picture 3:

Inspired by Wayne’s interpretation of the Rock Man from The Neverending Story, Dave Morris ponders if this is the right time to ask about a threesome.

Picture 4:

Rejected and ashamed, Dave Morris ponders his future at NewsOK.com.



  1. Hang on a minute — I missed last week’s copy of The Gazette. Did it get cool? It’s always been this (fingers held barely apart) much cooler than The Oklahoman.

  2. Are you out of your mind? You cannot even COMPARE the Gazette and the Jokelahoman. Gazette = independent newsweekly for the hip and cool people. Oklahoman = biased what-they-call “news” and obits. Get out of your cave once in awhile, dude. Maybe your first outing should be to the parade.

  3. Picture 1: This is my Freddy Fender impression.

    Picture 2: I slapped KATT’s music progammer silly because Flaming Lips songs are not played on the KATT.

    Picture 3: Once, I tried out a juggling act at a junior high talent show. My next talent to try was music.

    Picture 3. Yes, I recall the girl who I lost my virginity to. Her breasts were lop-sided and differently-sized.

    Picture 4: I am the most talented farter in the Flaming Lips. My nickname is ‘SBD’ for silent but deadly.

  4. the gazette is way more cool than the daily disappointment. the gazette needs to go daily. 3 desks down must be on crack or meth. read more papers like the NY times, the oklahoma daily, the LA times, dallas morning news, etc. taylor’s newsstand in downtown okc is loaded up with a lot of newspapers. i learn more about oklahoma events and news in the NY times than i do in the daily disappointment.

    good advice, faster than lightening, about getting out of the cave and attending the parade…….

  5. Oooh, I read the NY Times.
    And I don’t have a TV.
    And I don’t eat anything fried.
    And I love the Gazette.

  6. High-five, MrMonday. Would the Gazette be half as cool if they had to rely on the folks that declare it “cool” to actually pay for a copy? I’m reminded of Southpark episode 1002, Smug Alert! Gazette jock-sniffers might do themselves a favor and watch that episode, and then try to determine if they’re still as cool as they think they are. As for The Flaming Lips, I guess I’m pretty uncool because I probably wouldn’t recognize them if I heard them.

  7. Since you have to pay for The Oklahoman, that means it’s better? That’s the logic I remember the kids in middle school using?

  8. Want to know how “cool” The Oklahoman is? In their things to do for Halloween piece, the Ok simply refers to the parade as the Flaming Lips march. Nothing about a parade, or that the actual name is the Ghouls Gone Wild Parade. No way would they mention it’s the Gazette’s baby. There’s class for you.

  9. Clark, did the kids in middle school also use logical fallacies such as the ever-popular red herring as freely as you have? My argument doesn’t require the Gazette to be compared to any other paper. I’m simply pointing out the high level of smugness involved in declaring the Gazette “cool” while at the same time trying to prop one’s self up as cool because one reads the Gazette. That’s quite the case of circular reasoning. I hypothesize that if the Gazette was not a free once-weekly, it wouldn’t be so popular among the crowd of which I’m speaking to proclaim it cool, and they would then have to find some other independent newsweekly.

  10. Our coolness comes not from the fact that we are a free weekly but from the fact that we rally zombies and roller girls and marching skeletons for a first-ever Halloween parade.

    There is plenty of “cool” to go around, if you ask me.

    Some have a cool SkyNews9 HD or a million dollar tower, and others are throw a cool party with blood and Jedis.

  11. Speaking of Walleye, I was the Grand Marshall in the Walleye Rodeo Parade in Canton circa 1994. The Lions Club smoked up some good BBQ.

  12. Yeah, I dunno, the Gazette doesn’t speak to me. I like that it covers entertainment. It’s well designed for the most part. But, that’s all I really want. I don’t want to be gay or hip or cool or left-wing. I don’t want to be any wing. People love to pick sides so they can hate together. I don’t get it. The Oklahoman does what it does, and the Gazette does what it does. I think it’s funny when all the Gazette fans say The Oklahoman is biased like it should be a shock that a newspaper would take a stance at all, nevermind the fact that the stance it takes often reflects the views of the majority of our state – right or wrong as they may be. They say that as if the Gazette is not biased. It’s an alright publication, but come on. It’s totally biased, just in the opposite direction. I completely agree with the person who relates gazette readers to the hybrid drivers on the South Park episode. If you want to fight for something, fight for truly unbiased publications (if you can find one), not a mediocre liberal agenda rag with a few calendars and phone sex ads in it so people will actually pick it up. I’m just sayin’. Now call me fascist and tell me how dumb I am. There’s a Ben Folds song that comes to mind…
    “I know that it’s hard to believe, but there are people you meet; they are into something that is too big to be expressed through their clothes. And they’ll put up with all the poses you throw. And you won’t even know that they’re not sizing you up. They know your mom f***** you up, or maybe let you watch too much TV.
    Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall, But there’s always someone cooler than you.”

    This is a real rad board. Thanks for the memories.

  13. Well stated Walt. Well stated. And yeah, that Folds song is one of the greatest songs ever. LipsFan4Life yo :)

  14. My favorite Ben Folds song is “Still Fighting It”, so I guess this thread fits mine, as well.

  15. Not to disagree with coolman, but… Okay, to disagree. The Oklahoman had this on page 7D in last Friday’s edition:

    The free Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Parade, featuring grand marshal Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips, will start at 7 p.m. Saturday at North 8 and Broadway and end in Bricktown. It will include floats, cars and costumed revelers. Go online to http://www.ghoulsgonewildokc.com.

    I guess if you’re classy, you can’t read.

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