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What should my 100th post be?

So, this post you are reading right now is my 99th post at The Lost Ogle.  This means that my next post will be my 100th, which is kind of an embarrassing milestone.  To celebrate, I think we should have a vote or caucus on what my 100th post should be.  Here are some choices:

  • A poem about Warr Acres and Bethany
  • A haiku about Lauren Richardson
  • A cool handsome picture of myself
  • A picture of some up and coming Oklahoma City porn stars
  • A post about Angie Bruss being a snitch
  • A call to organize a “The Women of Braum’s” calendar

If you want, you can vote for one of the choices in the comments section.  Or if you think they all suck (which they do), suggest something different instead.


  1. I think we should caucus because I’m a firm believer that voting should be as difficult, time consuming, and confusing as possible. That being said, I plan to stand with the Angie Bruss snitch caucus goers, unless the Lauren Richardson haiku caucusers have better cookies.

  2. I think your 100 post should be something clever, yet divisive, so that your more irrational audience members will overreact and forget that this is a fun website, not an emotionally or politically charged one.

    That being said, I suggest a discussion of the Cherokee Nation’s role in the Confederacy.

  3. I propose that your 100th post be a thesis on why Tony is no longer allowed to use the emasculating phrase “LOL.”

  4. Speaking of Lauren Richardson, has she done anything lately? OKC needs an update on this hottest woman in media since Greta Van Susteran in the 1950’s.

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