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Vote YES on March 4th! (Reason 15)

Here is reason 15. It’s a pretty simple one: give this old lady something else to complain about.

Dear god, what’s the world coming to when the old lady who uses coupons at Walgreens and holds up the line is now able to freely go in front of the Oklahoma City Council and give her piece of mind on issues that are way over her head. Seriously, I was waiting for her to pull out old photos of her grandkids and then applaud the quality of portrait studio at the southside Sears, but I don’t know if she did, because I could only watch 30 seconds of the clip before falling asleep.

Anyway, old ladies like this Wanda Jo Peltier Stapleton annoy me. It annoys me when they wreak havoc on our traffic system while trying to make brunch at the Cracker Barrel and annoys me when they want to ruin something great like the NBA coming to Oklahoma City.

It annoys me when weirdos try to screw it up, too.

So be cool! Piss them all off and vote “Yes!” on Tuesday!


  1. While I disagree with Wanda Jo Peltier on this issue it is important to note that she is a very dedicated public servant who has given countless hours of her time to fight the good fight for women, children and the downtrodden.

    Of course the BONEHEAD who started this topic probably did not know who Wanda Jo was when he made his comment about her but it seems to me that this kind of attack against someone because of their age or their sex is just plain rude and wrong.

    This kind of comment should be recognized as a brutish, low class, ignorant remark. I wish that political discourse was on a higher plane but as long as there are BONEHEADS like the one who started this rant against Wanda Jo out there we can expect to see this type of “discussion” on issues important to us.

  2. It’s good to see people using the word “bonehead” again. Not as good as using “knucklehead,” but close.

    Actually any comment with the word “bonehead” used as a cut down is immediately considered rubbish.

  3. Ms. Peltier-Stapleton is obviously fighting for those without a voice. The poor who will not receive a damn thing from this stadium. It will cost the average citizen over $500 a year.

    With our country in the edge of a recession an many people struggling to make ends meet, this is insensitive and a cruel tax. Seattle told the Sonics to take a hike for a reason. That city was tired of being
    squeezed for more money every few years. Talk about WELFARE!

    If we want to fix our image, create REAL jobs by repairing the infrastructure. The gaul of these wealthy people is unbelievable.

  4. I just can’t support something so shallow like that(NBA team) I loved when the hornets where here but it is insane that we get even consider something like this proposal. I only want them to fix TWO things: Schools and Highways, I know we have plenty of problems but let’s first do that and then we’ll see about a rich group of investors dreaming for free ride…

    By the way, you misspelled God wrong(capital “G”)

  5. Dear god, what has the world come to when some guy with a blog resorts to insulting old ladies just becuase an NBA team might not come to OKC. No one really cares if old ladies annoy you. You sound like a whiner. Deal with it. Someday Lauren Richardson will be that old lady who uses coupons at Walgreens and holds up the line.

    Patrick, you’re really an envious pathetic loser. You have no chance of getting a date since everyone knows what you really think about old ladies. You don’t deserve an NBA team. What will you do if this tax doesn’t pass? Guess you could always keep drooling while having your mind shaped by Jim Traber.

  6. Clark, you would be SO LUCKY if that’s all Wanda Jo called you. No, actually you’re just lucky if she’s on your side.

    She is one of those delightful ladies who, without using profanity (my personal raisinette) can peel your paint, and leave you feeling bound and gagged on the side of the road pleading for mercy. You know, like that Saturday night you REALLY pissed us off.

  7. Okay, me and Patrick get accused of not thinking this through, but whoever just said that this tax would cost an average of $500 a person makes me feel really good about myself. I’ve used this skill I learned in Oklahoma City Public Schools called math and calculated that to mean that the average person would have to spend $50,000 within Oklahoma City proper. Using the “internet” I learned that the median income for OKC is just a hair above $34,000. Now, assuming that this middle of the road person spends no money on anything that isn’t subject to sales tax (rent, mortgage, car payments, et cetera) that means they are still going into debt by about $16K buying products in our fair city. Take a second to think about whether that statistic before tossing it out again.

  8. Man, I had no clue that everyone in Wando Jo’s bridge club was going to come here to get her back! She must have bought ensure for everyone.

  9. “If we want to fix our image, create REAL jobs by repairing the infrastructure. The gaul of these wealthy people is unbelievable.”

    “Wealthy people”, or private entrepreneurship within the citizenship, IS a large part of the infrastructure that creates jobs.

    Without these ugly millinaires, we are Albuquergue, New Mexico or Little Rock, Arkansas: cities with high poverty and high crime rates.

  10. “She is one of those delightful ladies who . . . can peel your paint, and leave you feeling bound and gagged on the side of the road pleading for mercy.”

    OK, I just watched the clip – you’re right, she’s a regular William Jennings Bryan!

  11. Where I see these “yes” signs, I do not think they are in the average income bracket as was stated. From the look of the houses, I think the tax affects their percent of income far less the the average family. Wanda Jo know how this affects people and has fought the good fight and still does. Thank you Wanda Jo for all your help.

  12. Oh shut up, Jane. Anyone who wants to know the insanity of Jane and Wanda Jo can go over to their message board and see some of the crazy, conspiracy theory crap they spout. Anything to do with improving OKC, they don’t care about as long is it serves their own interests.

  13. Hey Danny, drive by my house. I’ve got “yes” signs, and I live in a total crap neighborhood, and I own my own house. Vote no on Tuesday, and support your local minor league team. You and Wanda Jo can get season tickets to the Yarddawgz.

  14. If we have to spend even $50 per person in tax on this stadium I am pissed. Why should I have to support the wealthy? OKC will not be a ‘classy’ city because of a basketball team. You cannot buy status.

    Voting yes is drinking the brainwashing Kool Aid. Those guys will set in their sky boxes smoking cigars and drinking brandy celebrating what FOOLS the people of OKC are. And the people of Seattle will know how stupid we are too.

    We should be ashamed of the priorities of our city, ashamed of our mayor and ashamed of anyone who supports this rip off.

  15. Okay, Lorii says Wanda Jo is right, and yet she implies that Wanda Jo “will eat Clark, Patrick and Tony”. Leave her personal escapades out of this! What odd things she does in private is entirely up to her! It’s amazing that you supporters say she won’t eat brunch at the Cracker Barrel but think she will eat Tony, Patrick and Clark. And anyway, if she was looking for change at Homeland for the tax for a loaf of bread, I’d pitch in for that too.

  16. Some one posted “…why should I personally be offended by Aubrey McClendon and Clay Bennett making money?” Answer: Because they are doing at YOUR expense. Remember how well Bass Pro worked out in OKC? Not. That company (in which the Gaylord familiy was also an influential stockholder) got all manner of unnecessary financial incentives from our foolish city fathers. Bass Pro then opened a store in Tulsa without the incentives (after promising not to open another one in Oklahoma). If the Sonics were so great and creating so much revenue, why would Seattle ever let them go. Wake up. Some people (especially women) have no interest in sports. If YOU do, pay for it at the ticket window. Don’t make me subsidize your hobbies, unless you’re willing to subsidize mine. P.S. Nobody better say one bad word about Wanda Jo Stapleton. You don’t know a thing about her! If you want to work out on somebody, try the self-serving millionaires who expect to make a profit without risk while WE foot the bill.

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