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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Dorks…

The coolest thing about the Medieval Fair of Norman is that it’s one of the those rare events that we, as bloggers, can honestly say is dorkier than writing for a blog. The second coolest thing about the Medieval Fair is that unlike our State Fair, you can go to it with the understanding that the people with weapons aren’t going to use them on you. The third coolest thing is that Clark Matthews will hopefully be there with his camera taking pictures and he will….


Wait. Maybe sending Clark Matthews to a dorky place with a camera isn’t that good of an idea. That’s why instead of counting on Clark Matthews to send us good pictures from Dorkfest 2008, we are asking for our readers to send us the good stuff. You know, like pictures of a caricature artist dressed like an old Lego archer, or Mike McCarville dressed as a jester while controlling the white pieces on the human chess board or…better yet…a group of young busty scantily clad maidens running through the Duck Pond while eating turkey legs.

Seriously, as long as it is not this guy is not in any photo, any quality picture works. Send them to thelostogle at gmail.com. And if your picture is published on The Lost Ogle, we’ll give you a free trial offer to NetFlix.


  1. when you guys get done with ogle madness, i would like to see an “oklahomans only” version of the human chess match. Gary would be king, of course, maybe Bob Stoops as a knight? Also, Mayor mick already looks like the bishop!

  2. boone pickens could be a king and mike holder and everybody else in osu’s athletic department would be pawns……..

  3. i think, in general, the chess game should be “good versus evil”. Most of our Oklahoma icons fall on one side or the other. Regardless of whether you are a Sooner or Cowboy fan, I think most would agree that Bob Stoops is inherently “good” while T Boone Pickens is inherently “evil” (i think that goes for all of the Black Tower group as well).

  4. i’m just saying….there is clearly a line between the good guys and bad guys in oklahoma.
    Gary England: good
    Aubrey McClendon: bad
    Mayor Mick: good
    EK Gaylord: bad
    Love him or hate him, Kelly Ogle is definitely a good guy.
    Fowler Toyota Guy is almost certainly bad.
    i don’t want it to be an OU/OSU chess match; that is simply too easy since it is already a heirarchy.

  5. There is no possible way anyone can construe Kelly Ogle to be a good guy… He’s bad……real Baaaaaaad!! I hate him with the passion of 1000 suns! And that’s my two cents.

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