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Ogle Madness Sweeet 16 Recap

It was another exciting week at The Lost Ogle, as Ogle Madness continued and we started and failed to finish our world-famous feature WTF is Wimgo? week. Someday we might get back to it, although probably not. That’s just how we roll.

Anyways, a quick recap of the Sweet 16 and preview of the Elite 8 as soon as we’re done with this word from our sponsors, Mr. Spriggs BBQ.

East Region

The East started off the week with The Lost Ogle’s patron saint, Gary England, getting upset by a suddenly in-form Sunni Kate Golloway. Clark Matthews was seen leaving our headquarters in tears on Monday evening, and has not been heard from since. Anyone knowing the location of a sad redhead carrying an ice cream cone should please contact us at thelostogle at gmail dot com. Golloway will face Sam Bradford, who defeated Chuck Norris with surprising ease.

Point spread (by percentage)

Sunni Kate Golloway -6 Sam Bradford

Midwest Region

In an epic battle, Amy McRee squeaked out a 9-vote victory over Maggie Carlo. Patrick showed his displeasure at this result by drawing devil horns on his Dave Morris poster, which he keeps hanging above his bed. The other match showed Mayor Mick pulling out a shocking victory over American hero Ashlynn Brooke. It should be noted that this particular matchup is probably the single biggest reason why the mayor will never be able to publicly comment on this site.

Point spread:

Amy McRee -8 Mayor Mick

South Region

The Cinderalla run of Brent Skarky continues, as he took out #1 seed Kelly Ogle in a match Curtis Fitzpatrick claimed featured the two hottest contestants of the Sweet 16. Will Curtii’s support be enough to vault Skarky over Lauren Richardson? She took out Jesse Jane in a rout and just may be in the best form of any of the survivors.

Point Spread:

Lauren Richardson -14 Brent Skarky

West Region

What looked to be a weak region at the outset has proven to be a fairly strong one, with Jessica Schambach continuing her dominating run by lunging past the talented rising star Jamie Ceretta. Schambach will have a tough time on her hands, though, as she goes up against Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne, who upset Bob Stoops in a real battle of the titans. That game went down to the last minute, with an eleventh hour surge pushing Coyne over the Stoops and his weird pinky fingers.

Point Spread:

Wayne Coyne pick ’em Jessica Schambach


  1. Since there are 4 matchups which each include a man vs a woman, any predictions on how many men will move on? Which man has the best chance of upsetting his counterpart? I predict Wayne upsettting Jessica and Mayor Mick might have a chance if people realize that Mcree isn’t as hot as she was 2 years ago.

  2. Paging Mike Hunt…..Has anyone seen Mike Hunt? Jimminy Crickets would someone please take Mike Hunt to the lost and found

  3. was channel-surfing this morning on my short drive to work. steely’s uncle made reference to curtis’s pending wedding. to a woman? wedding true? anybody know?

  4. i think the part of the mr. spriggs video that really does it for me – the fat guy taking a big bite and then cocking his fat head and widening his eyes in approval. I can almost hear him saying, “mmm…..not bad….”
    and if anyone knows good barbq it’s that guy.

  5. We, The Dark Overlords here in the Dark Tower, will proclaim victory over The Lost Ogle for your failure to finish “Wimgo Week.”

    Victory is ours! KAPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    All hail OPUBCO.

  6. Yes it is true. Curtis is getting married in mid-July. Lol, yes it is a woman, very nice lady by the way.

  7. Can you say smash hit? I can’t get the melody out of my head. It’s a lot like the Homeland jingle.

    I love the un-funky white girl at the beginning on the left, trying to keep harmony…

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