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Ogle Madness Elite 8 Recap

Another week has past, and we have finally whittled the field down to the Final Four. Those of you whose brackets had a Final Four of Doug Sauter, Clark Matthews, Blake Rambo and Andrew Gilman are surely licking your wounds. Better luck next year, Clark. I mean, whoever it might be that had that bracket.

We’ll have a quick recap of this week’s action and preview of the Final Four as soon as we hear from our sponsor, Soundtrak electronics.

The Elite 8 started off in very competitive fashion, as Sam Bradford barely edged out an eight-vote win over Sunni Kate Golloway. Bradford’s appearance in the Final Four is something of a shock, and many will complain that it was an over-seed and an easy draw that allowed him to make it as far as he has. He is probably the biggest longshot of the four remaining contestants.

Bradford will have a chance to silence his critics, however, when he battles KWTV anchor Amy McRee, who just eeked out a four-vote win over Mayor Mick Cornett. The mayor is said to be taking the loss well, but indulging in some Buffalo Wild Wings as comfort food.

The midwest region featured our only blowout this week, as Lauren Richardson defeated the inspiring and surprising Brent Skarky by a margin of 65%-35%. Skarky used some controversial tactics, but in the end his Cinderella story won over the hearts of everyone in Oklahoma’s indian casinos. Is he poised to make another run next year? We can’t wait to find out.

Richardson will go up against Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, who defeated rising star Jessica Shambach by the slimmest of margins, a mere two votes. The contrasting styles of Richardson and Coyne are sure to make this one of the most interesting games of the entire tournament.

The early lines are out, and here they are (by percentage point, and for entertainment purposes only, of course):

Amy McRee -13 Sam Bradford
Wayne Coyne -1.5 Lauren Richardson


  1. Did anybody else watch the Soundtrak commercial? Thank goodness I was just a kid in 1986 or I would have some serious regret in paying those prices for electronics! $269 for a VCR…KEEP YOUR CASH!!!

  2. Licking my wounds over here. Because I didn’t realize what the bulk of your readership goes for. Just praying that Sunni Kate doesn’t make another appearance in this thing next year.

    I think that may have been the year my family got a VCR. *shudder* Also, I had to BUY one for a class (because something was only on video and I had to watch it). Cost: $130. At Wal-Mart. Seriously.

  3. I will be watching to see if one of the hot babes wins because if a man wins it means your blog has been infiltrated to help recruit youth to your sinful ways….

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