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This is why Tony is leaving…


Over the past week there has been a lot going on here at The Lost Ogle. Honestly, I’m not to sure what that “a lot” was, but it had a much higher priority than writing about OU basketball. That’s why we are a little bit behind in “reporting” that on Monday, April 22nd, the OU basketball team held their annual “Tip In Club Post Season Dinner.” At this dinner, they gave away the following awards:

The Brent Price Connection to the Community Award: Taylor Griffin
The Roy Marler/Hollis Price Inspirational Award: Beau Gerber
The Eduardo Najera Award for Toughness: Blake Griffin
The Mookie Blaylock Outstanding Defensive Player Award: David Godbold
The Stacey King Award for Team Leadership: Taylor Griffin
The Harvey Grant Award for Commitment and Overall Improvement: Cade Davis
The Choo Kennedy Award for rebounding: Blake Griffin
The Terry Evans Award for assists: Austin Johnson
The Alvan Adams Award for Academic Excellence: Gerber and Ryan Wright
The Tim McCalister Award for most minutes played: Johnson
The Wayman Tisdale Award for Most Valuable Player: Blake Griffin
The Senior Appreciation Award: Godbold and Longar Longar

Geeze, no wonder Tony Neysmith decided to transfer. Rumors are even swirling that that Jeff Capel awarded Omar Leary the “Chris Walker Award for This Guy Really Shouldn’t be on Scholarship” in a secret, back room ceremony, just to keep him happy and on the team.

Anyway, it should be noted this will hopefully be the last time we write about college basketball here at The Lost Ogle until next fall. That is until Eddie Sutton succumbs to temptation and gets arrested for drunk driving again, Kelvin Sampson gets fired from an NBA job for charging late night 900-number calls to his corporate card or Sean Sutton becomes the presenting sponsor of the Watonga Cheese Festival.

(p.s.- Honestly, I wrote that last little blurb as a tongue-in-cheek joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if any of them happened. Hell, it would actually be kind of cool.)


  1. I don’t know what disappoints me more…that the Cheese Festival isn’t until October, or that the Cheese Fudge recipe on that website made me lose my appetite.

  2. Oh, and also, I have a feeling that some of our readers who follow the site through widgets think we’re losing Tony Hanadarko. If that was your intention, good job.

  3. I also noticed the cheese fudge offering and was a bit puzzled.

    However the Watonga Cheese Festival offers the finest assortment of Chinese throwing stars in NW Oklahoma.

  4. Watonga Cheese fudge rocks!

    You might be thinking of Femunda Cheese Fudge, which likely does not rock.

  5. wondering if Neysmith is considering Mercer University as a destination. He is from Georgia and Bob Hoffman is the head coach there now. I’m a former Mercer student and wondered if that not not only is reasonalable but likely.

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