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A Lost Ogle Q & A: The Manny Ramirez High Five Guy

If you spend even a small amount of time watching sports highlights, you saw Manny Ramirez high five a fan in the outfield BETWEEN catching a fly ball and assisting on a double play. It was a hilarious “Manny being Manny” play that will be the part of Best Damn Top 50 countdowns for years to come. Fortunately, there is even a local aspect to this story, as the fan who got high-fived was an Edmond resident by the name of Randy Dunning. He was nice enough to answer a few questions for us. For that, we are willing to forgive his being a Red Sox fan. You can read the Q & A after the jump.

1. First of all, this was one of the most hilarious moments baseball has seen for awhile. Did you realize what Manny was doing as it was going on?

When it happened all I was thinking was, holy crap, heck yeah! You can see me point down to Manny after the catch. I think that was what got his attention and he saw the lone Sox fan in the midst of a bunch of Orioles fans. I had no idea he planned on jumping up the wall, but I figured he was going to do a Lambeau Leap, so I prepared to grab his arm and pull him up. As I reached out, he slapped my hand, dropped down and made a hell of a play. Thats why, I’m not sure I’d call it a high-five. Maybe more of a slap 4.

2. What was the reaction of the crowd around you afterwards?

The crowd didn’t seem to notice the high-five so much as the great play. The only one that made note of it to me was the husband and wife next to me. He was listening to the radio broadcast and told me that they’d been talking about that play for the last 10 minutes. I still couldn’t believe it happened. It was so fast. The heckling fans behind me who were yelling at him the whole game suddenly went quiet, and didn’t say much afterwards.

3. The MLB.com game recap says that “thanks to video, the moment will live forever.” What’s it like knowing that you’ll be in a famous clip sure to be shown on highlight reels for years to come?

If there was any moment in baseball I’d like to be a part of it’s a “Manny being Manny” moment. I couldn’t ask for more as a fan. He’s been my favorite player for a long time and it’s something I’ll show my kids and grandkids.

4. Did your friends/family realize it was you? Did your phone start ringing off the hook after SportsCenter aired?

I’ve been getting calls and emails since I got home last night. I got home and immediately went running like a headless chicken trying to find a way to record all the coverage. My dad called Bob Barry Jr. at channel 4 to tell them about it, and they ran a story that night and next morning. They also made note of me being Barry Switzer’s nephew. I’ve had friends from work, orangepower. com, guard, and even xboxlive call me and tell me they saw me. I even got to talk to Jim Traber on the Sports Animal.

5. What’s a guy from Edmond, Oklahoma doing in Baltimore, Maryland wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt?

I grew up in Oklahoma, but became a Sox fan at OSU thanks to my best friend Eric Hime. His whole family is from New England and he was a die hard fan. He got me watching during the 2003 season. It was a rough end to the season, but a typical baptism for a Sox fan. Then I really started following them the next season and they won the whole thing. So, I can say i’m not a bandwagon fan, but I only went through one season of heartbreak. I waited to buy my first Sox hat so it didn’t seem like a typical post-world series hat buy. The next year I bought my first jersey of my favorite player, Manny Ramirez. My first trip to Fenway came in 2006 when my parents moved to Maryland when the General Motors plant closed. My mom is the quality control director now for the Sky/Solstice plan in Wilmington, DE. I spent the Summer working at the plant and driving turbo convertables around. I took a trip up to Boston to visit Fenway and got a great experience getting the tour and getting to go on the warning track. I got to stand where Manny does during games. It was just surreal. I was nearly in tears just being there. Anyways, I came to visit my parents in Maryland for a week or so before I ship off for OCS with the Oklahoma National Guard this Summer in South Dakota. I’ll be gone for two months and my mom got me these tickets as a gift. I picked these because they would be so close to the field and the players. I had no idea how close i’d by the fourth inning. So yeah, thats why there was an Okie Sox fan in Camden.

6. Could you see any birds or small animals nesting in Manny’s dreads?

I think he has a small portion set aside for some barn swallows. If you look closely, they sweep the field and keep it clear of distracting bugs for him. The Yankees could have used them in the Cleveland game last year.

7. Last but not least, and off topic. You’re an Oklahoma State grad/fan: Thoughts on Sean Sutton getting fired? Good decision or not?

I think it’s hard to say whether it was a truly good or bad decision yet, but it had to be done. Regardless of loyalties, you could get the feeling that the program was fading fast. I think they did his dad good by giving Sean a chance, but we could all see he wasn’t ready for prime time yet. I have no doubt he has the potential to be a great coach one day, but OSU can’t wait for that day to come. They need fresh, proven blood to cut down the nets and bring another banner. Ford has all the energy and fire that a fan could want. I think we are all eagerly awaiting the next few seasons to see what he can do at a big name school. There’s a big wind of change blowing at OSU right now, and the next few years are going to be special for all sports. Speaking of which, Frank Anderson needs a big time contract extension. Cowboy baseball is back! Go Pokes! and Go Sox!


  1. Your lack of journalistic experience rings loudly in this interview. How could you not ask, if he is in fact Barry Switzer’s nephew, how in the hell did he end up at OSU? You didn’t just bury the lead, you killed it. Who do you think you are? KWTV?

  2. In Tony’s defense, we usually just write the questions in advance and send them. We don’t have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions like:

    Why on earth did you appear on Jim Traber’s show? Are you proud of this?

  3. So after being a Red Sox fan for a whole 4 years, when he was standing where Manny stands during the game, it almost brought him to tears? Wow, someone has been coaching him on giving interviews after only being famous for 2 of his 15 minutes? Gimmie a break.

  4. “we are willing to forgive his being a Red Sox fan.”

    And we’ll forgive you for trying to look cool and hip by not liking the Red Sox. Let me ask you: What team is it “okay” to like in Oklahoma? Who doesn’t need to be “forgiven” there? I mean, I didn’t think going through most of my life having never seen my team win, constantly mocked and ridiculed by bandwagon Yankee fans yet still being loyal to my team even following them around the country, and then finally sticking it to their arrogant asses for the good of baseball, all while having the most lovable bunch of guys on the team constitutes an “unforgivable offense.”

  5. Its ok to like the Royals, perhaps.

    Jere: you’re my hero, really. It is kind of a weird feeling to go your entire life watching your team get the shit kicked out of them, and then they win 2 World Series in 4 years, and everyone hates you. From pity, to envy, to hate. Pretty hot.

  6. Give me a break…you were a Red Sox fan in 2003 so you weren’t a bandwagon fan. Buddy, in your time as a Sox fan they have been as evil or worse than the Yankees. It’s the same thing.

  7. Whoa, some of you commenters really need to simmer. Breath people, it’s going to be ok. They’re typically called “jokes”.

  8. I enjoyed the interview. I have no problem with this guy becoming a die hard fan in 2003. It was not like he jumped on board during the playoff run of 2004. Cut him a break. If that does not appease your sense of justice, I suggest you ask yourself why Eddie Sutton left the University of Kentucky.

  9. For the record, I’m a Twins fan, Tony’s an Indians fan, and I believe, Patrick is a Cubs fan. Of course, when we upgrade from a Big League City to a Major League City, we will have to insist that everyone support the Oklahoma City Marlins.

  10. Come on. Whether you hold it against him or not, if you became a Red Sox fan in the 21st century, you’re a bandwagon fan, period. Maybe they hadn’t won a World Series yet, but the Yankees haven’t won one since 2000, yet anyone joining their ranks now is most certainly a bandwagon fan. Fact of the matter is, both teams have been powerhouses for some time now and anybody jumping on the bandwagon is, well, you know. Let’s call this what it is.

  11. C’mon folks, the guy went to OSU. Let him also love the Red Sox. He has the right to pull for at least one team with a chance at winning. Can you imagine if he was both an aggie and a Rangers fan? Poor kid would never leave the cellar.

  12. Red Sox fans are everywhere. He should have met Traber in the Parking Lot to interview him. I thought Traber didn’t like the Red Sox because he didn’t do well against them, duh…he didn’t do well against ANY Major League team.

  13. The Red Sox-Please! Someone needs to take a firehose to the lot of them. Do they not sell soap and razors in Boston? Let’s see, the Blow Sox could win every World Series between now and 2028 …….and they could tie the Yankees.

  14. I think they just cited the Lost Ogle on the Red Sox game on Fox! Well…they referred to it as “an Oklahoma website that uncovered the identity of the high five reciever (or something like that)” Man, the Gazette one week and a national broadcast the next. You guys are blowing up.

  15. “We learned from a website in Oklahoma…” – hmmm, some Okie site that had an interview with the Manny High Five Guy just got alluded to in a mention on FOX’s Red Sox/Brewers national broadcast today – congratulations!

    GO SOX!

    Your pal,

  16. P.S. Mystic Marvin, jealousy is an ugly ugly thing – not all of us can be Red Sox fans

    Tell us, how’s the weather down there in the AL East cellar?

    Your pal,

  17. Hey, congratulations.

    You guys were just mentioned on the Fox Baseball Game of the Week – sorta. Fox is broadcastiong the Red Sox-Brewers game this afternoon. In the bottom of the second, the announcers discussed Manny Ramirez’ high-five catch-and-throw. They didn’t name TheLostOgle. However, they did say that one of them did say, “We have since learned, thanks to an Oklahoma Web site, that the fan who was on the receiving end of that high-five -his name is Randy Dunning, from Edmond, Oklahoma and he is the nephew of our colleague at Fox Sports, the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Barry Switzer.”

    In an unfortunate twist of oh-so-cruel fate, they did not menmtion TheLostOgle by name.

    Michael Dodson
    Shawnee – MichaelDodson@DodsonMedia.com

  18. Clark,

    I just read the upstream comments on this post and learned that you are a Twins fan – same here. I’ve been a Twins fan since 1963 – the days of Harmon KLillegrew, Tonly Oliva, Jim Kaat, Camilo Pascual, Bob Allison (who played football at Kansas U), Rich Rollins, Jimmy Hall, Don Mincher, Early Battey, Vic Power, et. al.

    I’m also an alum of several OkC radio news departments in the 70s and 80s – KOCY-AM, KEBC-FM, KTOK-AM, and KCNN-AM. I worked with Tony Sellars at KEBC. His leaving KEBC to go to Channel 5 Sports in late 1977 opened up the plum State Capitol beat for me.

    Michael Dodson

  19. i love it, red sox fans have found a way to cry, even when they’re winning. the sox don’t win the series for a gajillion years, “boo-hoo, we’re cursed,” they win two in four years, “boo-hoo, people don’t like us.” i hate the red sox and their fans because they bitch and moan about everything. you’re team’s winning, who cares what people think about you? why are all red sox fans so defensive?

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