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RIP: Jack Mildren, 1949 – 2008

Usually we don’t touch on topics like this, but tonight I’ll make an exception.

As you probably know by now, Jack Mildren passed away earlier this evening. Over the past few years, I always “secretly” enjoyed the humorous exchanges he and Al Eschbach would get into on the Sports Animal during the Total Dominance Hour. Every now and then, you could tell Al was taking a conversation down a path that Jack didn’t want to go, but Jack would play with it and have fun.

Anyway, our condolences go to Jack’s family and friends. If you want, please pay respects in the comments.

(Photo taken from the McCarville Report)


  1. RIP Mr. Mildren. I enjoyed listening to you on the radio and hearing about your playing days at OU. You were a great man from what I could judge and you will be missed.

  2. I loved listening to Jack on the radio. In fact, I enjoyed him quite a bit more than the usual morons on the radio. I would have liked to have met Jack.

    My thoughts are with his family.

    God bless you Jack.

  3. What a great man! Love the professionalism and class he brought to everything he did…

  4. Jack was always a relief to listen to in that he actually talked about sports. He rarely gave an opinion that wasn’t thought out. He treated others with respect, which is a commodity in short supply these days.

    Farewell, Godfather.

  5. Not being an OU fan, I truly appreciated Jack. He loved OU (rightfully so) but he called it like he saw it, and always in a humorous and polite manner.

  6. My condolences to Jack and his family. He was a good man, and I always enjoyed listening to him with Al on the Animal. The spoofs the Morning Amimals made of his studdering were classic!

  7. From the time I was 10 years old and saw Jack Mildren during the ’71 season he became a sports hero to me. Later as Lt. Governor he did not disappoint and I saw him as a good and honest man. And finally as a sports broadcaster again he did not disappoint. It was there while
    listening to his broadcast that I felt like I knew Jack as he was such a personable man. And it was there I realized he was much more than a sports hero/legend. He was a well-rounded man that displayed all the qualities that a true role model should possess. God speed Jack, and my sincere condolences to your family.

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