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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: OCU Wrestlers

When we first heard that OCU was starting a wrestling program for the ladies, we got pretty excited. You see, we thought that the NCAA decided to sanction bikini oil wrestling as an actual sport. We also thought that Oklahoma City University was taking a big league step and creating a collegiate bikini oil wrestling power.


It turns out they were talking about the Greco-Roman, freestyle, high crotch, stuff the head, Berry Trammel probably watches it style wrestling. That stuff sucks!

Anyway, even if there is no oil, bikinis or drunk guys acting as ring men in the corner, I guess regular girls wrestling around on the ground is kind of hot, so we’re going to go ahead and throw them into the HGADITMOM series. We’re also going to post this picture, just for the fun of it:


  1. HGADITMOM is slowly turning into “Girls that can kick a man’s ass in the Month of May.”

  2. Bikinis vs. Singlets is not a tough match-up. Plus, i totally ate s#*t on an oily floor at Teddy’s one Thursday night a few years ago. What a liability!

  3. the one on the right isn’t half bad. the other three look like females from the eastern block weight lifting team during the olympic steriod heyday.

    come to think of it, i bet the one on the left scares the bejeesus out of the boogy man

  4. I will crush you. I heard they got into a fight at a biker bar. Those men will never be the same. One of them was arrested for manslaughter. For b***h slapping a face off. It’s the same girl that beat up Jean Claude van damme & Suge Knight.

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