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This makes Bass Pro Shops seem like sliced bread…

Before you check out this clip, make sure your not drinking anything. You don’t want to spray it all over your keyboard:

Before I get into how big of a tool Shane Jett is, let me clear up something. I found this clip at Steve Lackmeyer’s OKCcentral Blog. In the comments section, some guy named “Patrick” says:

I think Rob Anderson and I came up with this idea years ago.

Dear god, that is NOT me!!! Even if I did think up that silly idea, I sure wouldn’t bee foolish enough to say that I thought of it. You’d look better saying that OPUBCO stole your Wimgo idea than claiming you thought of a $100-million oil derrick to span the Oklahoma river . Also, I have no clue who Rob Anderson is, but I bet he’s pretty pissed right now. That Patrick dude totally threw him under the Bricktown Trolley.

Anyway, for a guy that used ensconced in a sentence and speaks three languages and worked two years in Belo Horizonte Brazil with Global Options International,” Shane Jett sure seems to be unnaturally stupid. Seriously, is this the best thing the guy can do as an Oklahoma State Representative? You think he could fit in with the rest of the legislature and think of some draconian bills that limit our basic freedoms and rights, but I guess that would be too easy. Maybe instead of a big oil well, he should pitch a big white cross, Indian statue or even milk bottle to span across the river. Or maybe he should just resign and learn a new language, and while he’s at it, get us some of the stuff he is smoking.


  1. OT, but:

    1)rick mitchell’s last name is made up. he’s not a mitchell at all.

    2)is there any truth to the rumors that tyler suiters ran off back to Wash DC to be with Denise Bode? I heard they were running Aubrey McClendons ‘Clean Skies’ propaganda machine.

    ON topic:

    what ever happened to the big NDN statue tulsa was sposed to build?


  2. Not that the skyline is much to write home about, but seriously? That’s ridiculous.

  3. A good project for Chesapeake energy after they finish their tallest building in OK. If they would build it, us taxpayers would not be hoodwinked into paying for it?

  4. OKC gets screwed into paying for everything with all the profits going somewhere else and then something bigger and better will be built within driving distance.

  5. Devon is building the 50 story skyscraper headquarters – not chesapeake
    Jetts a dork, but i think the idea is pretty cool.

  6. Squirting towers are awesome for perpetuating sterotypes! I think we should dye the river black as well, that would be a great tourist attraction too.


    Seriously, the tower as a monument would be OK, but does it have to straddle the river and “spout” – why don’t we just trivialize everything in the name of poor taste?

  7. Ok for Devon-my mistake. But I still think a good public service project for Chesapeake. Then we would have the highest oil well. We could even kidnap the Golden Driller from Tulsa to go with it.

  8. That’s a really cute idea if we didn’t have the worst collection of bridges in the country or if our school teachers’ pay was anywhere near the national average. Also, within a few years after it’s built, it could become 100 million dollars worth of tornado debris for the next F4 or F5 tornado to come sweeping down the plain (although that would actually bring in tourists to see the destruction). I bet we couldn’t even break even on the insurance premiums, much less pay for the construction of the stupid thing within a reasonable amount of time.

    If this is what our best and brightest lawmakers can come up with, why do we bother having one? All in favor of abolishing the Oklahoma legislature say AYE!

  9. A Freudian psychologist would have a field day with this giant, squirting oil rig proposed by Shane Jett…

    Why do I think I ran into Jett at a used car lot a couple of years ago?

  10. Worst idea ever. May as well just have a giant 1100 ft tall teepee straddling the river. This project will be the joke of normal cities everywhere.

  11. So all you need now is for a fake King Kong on top to swat at planes on their final approach to Will Rogers.


  12. –in the near future–

    …Tinker AFB gets elected to be BRAC’d in 2015 because of the ridiculous oversized ‘oil derrick’ that encroaches into the flight pattern.

    Brett Rinehart will then singlehandedly proceed to set the C4 charges, bring it down during a Chesapeake boat race, and take credit for saving Oklahoma jobs. Sherriff Whetsel will arrest him for destruction of federal property, but will make good on a personal vendetta in the process. Everyone wins. THE END

  13. I thought it was kinda cool. I thought the Seattle comparison was hilarious! OKC is really taking it the Emerald City, huh?

  14. Why doesnt this brilliant legislator come up with something that can actually be enjoyed?…(like a giant sized statue of Toby Keith that is taller than the statue of liberty?)

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