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Tulsa Tuesday – Tulsa’s Sleaziest Locations

Eventually, it had to be done in Tulsa too. Clark Matthews researched Oklahoma City’s Sleaziest Locations, and now it’s time to deliver Tulsa’s. Since I don’t have a team of people to do research, I am my only nominee. Yes, I risked my life to bring you Tulsa’s Sleaziest Locations. These are places in Tulsa that no one should set foot into. There are places listed below, I did not set foot into:

10. West Tulsa Motels

These motels are safe havens for registered sex offenders. Sex offenders are required to live outside a 2,000-foot radius of schools, parks, playgrounds and daycare centers. Apparently, these are one of the few housing units that fall in that guideline. With more than 50 live-in sex offenders, they can easily share raping and molesting tips. I took the photo from Google maps, rather than taking it myself. I couldn’t venture to West Tulsa. I feared I would be sexually offended.

9. Great American Flea Market

Finally, a place where I can buy a used mattress that’s lying on the asphalt of a parking lot. Whatever useless crap you need, you can find it there. Billy Ray Cyrus albums? Got it. Rare Beanie Babies? Got it. Infectious diseases? Got it. Only one place in Tulsa is dirtier, and it’s not the landfill. The dirtiest location happens to be number one on this list.

8. Diane Sue Whalen’s House

I’m not sure what it is about West Tulsa and sex offenders, but dog sex-aficionados, Donald Roy Seigfreid and Diane Sue Whalen, live west. They’re the Tulsa couple that taped themselves having sex with their dogs. I have a picture of their house, but I couldn’t bring myself to post it. If you want to see their house go to Google maps and type in 1515 S. 77th W. Ave, Tulsa. Click the street view. There’s nothing illegal here. The address is on the court record, which you can read here.

7. North Lewis

Avoid this whole street. Avoid this whole area. It’s considered “Historic,” which normally translates into “a really old, run-down, section of town that should be demolished and by adding the word “˜Historic’ gives the residents a tiny shred of pride in their neighborhood.” After I took this photo, I jumped in my car and turned right. I discovered this neighborhood also has the highest ratio of couches in the front yard per family.

6. Oral Roberts University

ORU, during the Richard Roberts era. Anyone who allegedly uses university funds for family trips to the Bahamas, with the university jet; allegedly remodels their home 11 times in 14 years with college funds; and allegedly spends tens of thousands of university dollars on clothing, while claiming to be a man of God, is sleaze in my book. Roberts said he is innocent. Roberts resigned because no bigger action proclaims innocence such as a resignation.

The giant hands are also creepy.

5. 11th Street

On the top ten reasons to visit Tulsa, Historic Route 66 Prostitutes was number ten. There’s that word again, “Historic.” The same area is number five on Tulsa’s sleaziest locations. This area is packed with prostitutes and meth labs. There is also a boy’s home nearby so when DHS children run away, they can learn new skills.

4. The Landing Strip

There are many gentlemen’s clubs to choose for this list. It was a toss up among Cloud Nine, Tabu, and The Landing Strip. Cloud Nine has it’s “Leggs and Eggs” buffet. That worries me. I wouldn’t want to find a pube in my eggs. Tabu was close. Tulsa police arrested a man visiting Tabu because he left his children in the car. The winner for the sleaziest strip bar is The Landing Strip, simply because it’s across the street from Tulsa’s sleaziest location and a couple of blocks west of The Great American Flea Market.

3. Uncle Stan’s Bedroom

Nearly 30 percent of all births in Oklahoma are from teens 17-years-old and younger. My uncle Stan says, “you’re welcome.”

2. Big Splash

It’s not necessarily the park I find sleazy; it’s the management behind it. The water is clean and the slides are safe-ish. However, they have a habit of not replacing rotten wood, not paying their rent, not buying insurance and making shady deals with the Tulsa Fair Board. Sleazy, sleazy, sleazy.

1. East Tulsa Wal-Mart

The Wal-Mart located at 207 S. Memorial, across the street from The Landing Strip and west of The Great American Flea Market. This is the dirtiest, nastiest, sleaziest location in Tulsa, and I’m sure the most disgusting Wal-Mart in the company. It’s also off “Historic” Route 66, and you know what “Historic” means. You will truly never understand the suffering or pain felt unless you personally shop at this location. I quoted myself as saying, “I grab a shopping cart. Goo oozes through my fingers. I’m not sure if it’s layers of handsweat, snot or semen.” My experience at this Wal-Mart is what started my blog. This is the Wal-Mart that raped my soul.


  1. I would also suggest the Town West Arby’s, where I am pretty sure you can get syphilis just from eating a Beef & Cheddar. Other places on my list: anything on Admiral, all of East Tulsa and anyplace The Groove Pilots play.

    I knew a Ziggy in Tulsa. He played music with my friend from high school who is named after a dead jazz saxophone player.

  2. Re Diane Sue Whalen: According to the Oklahoman article, the dogs are going to be (by now, may already have been) put down. Dogs are not capable of sexual consent, so why is Tulsa County executing rape victims? Y’all are looking more like Iran all the time.

  3. I would have to add the area around S. Peoria, south of I44. There’s a disproportional concentration of registered sex offenders in that neighborhood.

  4. I used to have a lounge at S. Peoria $ 41st, used to be a nice area then, I loved Brookside.

  5. I personally believe our entire society has been hyped, lied to and led down the path of hysteria concerning registered sex offenders. There is much to learn. The entertainment news media and politicians for ratings and votes have taken the very very rare case, such as the murder of Jessica Lunsford and applied it to every registered sex offender in the country. Society has shot itself in the foot and now we have laws that actually increases the danger to our children.

    As Gus Blackwell recently told a friend of mine, “The predators are hiding in the registry.”
    Visit my site http://www.cfcoklahoma.com

  6. Geezam crow! Does Eastland Mall even still exist? And while I’m at it, I’m shocked that Starship Records isn’t on this list. Its the only place I know where one can buy a Jetheo Tull cassette, a poster of Frank Zappa taking a dump, a 4 foot bong in the shape of a dragon and then be offered stolen jewelry in the parking lot.

  7. A a well-researched piece. Excellent work. However, I would add the area of 15th Street where you have Massad’s (trashy lingerie), Oz (bongs and dildos) and that covienence store that has changed names several times (porn mags and Mickey’s Big Mouth) in the same general vicinity. A very high sleaze quotient which exceeds that of 11th Street (in my opinion).

  8. I agree, EggMan, those are sleazy areas. It was a hard choice between dildoes and prostitutes. At least dildoes aren’t illegal. The bongs are only for “decorative purposes only.” That’s why 11th street won.

  9. I don’t know if there are any still around but when I lived in Tulsa many years ago, any Ike’s Chili Parlor would certainly make the top 10, if for no other reason than the mystery meat in the chili. We used to say that never a rat nor a cat made it past Ike’s alive.

  10. This is a really great, perfect list.

    Another good list would be the sleaziest apartment complexes, which are home to nearly 100% of Tulsa’s violent criminals south of Admiral.

  11. Right across from the Great American Flea Market is a “cafe”(?) called Cottons. Its been there for years and has always been sleezy and greasy for as long as I can remember. I’m sure they get most of their business from drunks with the munchies, that have staggered out of yet another sleezy place, next to the flea market, The Vegas Club.

  12. If suburb’s count, you absolutely must add “Hot Legs” just west of Sand Springs on HWY 51. It’s a strip club in a mobile home. I’ve never mustered up the courage to go within crab hopping distance of it, but I’ve known a few dirtbags who gave it a shot for a cheap thrill and they were scarred for life. One of them refuses to have sex with his wife, or any woman for that matter. The divorce is pending. He is thinking of becoming a priest. Puss will never look the same to him.

  13. How about anywhere Jame Inhofe is? Hey Tulsa, thanks for that disgusting piece of walking crap! He singlehandedly makes all Oklahomans look like retarded rage-aholics to the rest of the world. Though he is not a place, he is so sleazy his presence is monumental.

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