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Worst of OKC: Worst TV Commercial Spokesperson/People

Originally, this was the “Worst Commercial Spokesperson” category. But after realizing how massively large that category is, we decided to narrow it down to just the television side of things. So for all of you wanting to vote for Mackie McNear, Bobbie Burbridge Lane or even Rowdy the Redhawk, you’ll have to wait until…uh…next year.

1.800.2SELLHOMES Lady

I’m pretty sure that when I go to hell that the only thing available on pay-per-view will be a compilation of 1.800.2SELLHOMES commercials.  That and maybe a documentary about Steve Hunt.

The Diffee Kids

I’m not too knowledgeable about child labor laws, but isn’t there a way we can arrest the Diffee Family for putting their kids in every TV commercial. Geeze, it makes me want to go key their cars, not buy one.

The Mathis Brothers

Tony summed up the Mathis Brothers the best in this classic post that listed five reasons to help you know when you are home:

5. You see a furniture commercial on television featuring two middle-aged metrosexuals inexplicably holding either a small child or a small dog, and you think nothing of it.

I’m not saying the ads for a certain business located at 3434 W. Reno make no sense, but can someone explain to me why these two brothers are perpetually holding babies and dogs? Do they have children that simply don’t age? Is the furniture dog-proof? What is the deal here?

Oklahoma Discount Furniture Voice Guy (posthumous)

If Oklahoma City had an annoying commercial museum located by Remington Park and the Softball Hall of Fame, I’m pretty sure this commercial would great you as you walked in. Seriously, whenever I see a futon, this crazy voice in my head yells “Sale Sale Sale Nooooooow at Oklahoma Discount Furniture!!! We’ve got Futons! Futons! Futons! 129.99! 129.99! 129.99!. Sale Sale Sale Nooooooow at Oklahoma Discount Furniture!!! Three great locations.”

Then after about a one second break it goes off again, only mentioning mattress sets or something.

Thomas Stalcup aka “Chad Stevens”

If his TV commercials didn’t provide enough evidence, I think the video above of Thomas flirting with 15 year old girls at a bowling alley is proof that Thomas Stalcup may be the most annoying person in the world. Seriously, I bet he has a secret room in his house thats filled with nothing but pictures of himself. He probably goes in their each night before bed and just smiles. He also probably wears a Zoro mask.

Worst TV Commercial Spokesperson/People

  • 1.800.2SELLHOMES Lady (38%, 127 Votes)
  • Thomas Stalcup aka "Chad Stevens" (24%, 82 Votes)
  • The Diffee Kids (18%, 62 Votes)
  • Oklahoma Discount Furniture Voice Guy (posthumous) (10%, 34 Votes)
  • The Mathis Brothers (9%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 336

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  1. Man I can’t stand the Diffee kids. I feel confident that justice will be served here. It seems pretty certain that these two will go on a rampage and nail pretty much every girl in their high school…and maybe some of your and daughters (or sons)….Do the right thing, Vote Diffee.

  2. If this is your way of badgering me into a guest column on potential OKC NBA cheerleaders, it’s simply not working. Either that or you’re trying to tell me something – about the way I sound…

    I guess I’ll have to go with the latter.

  3. I can’t believe you left off the Richardson HOmes girl who obviously has some sort of handicap. Why those parents exploit her like that is incomprehensible.

  4. I’m with Fezzik.

    The “Let our family build your family’s home” girl is getting robbed here. Sure it was a funny aberration the first time. She was a little girl and just didn’t enunciate that well. But then they made a NEW commercial – the girl was older and still couldn’t speak.

  5. I go back and forth between making fun of Richardson Homes girl and wondering if she has some sort of legitimate disability, and then I feel guilty for making fun of her. My co-workers think she might be deaf, in which case we are going to that place where the only thing available on pay-per-view will be a compilation of 1.800.2SELLHOMES commercials.

  6. I’m guessing Sloser is correct about the Richardson Homes kid, which then would qualify her PARENTS as the worst television spokespeople in OKC. Have you notice her latest appearance with an adult man — presumably Daddy? Sheesh!

    Without a doubt, you guys missed the boat on this one.

    Write it in. Richardson Homes.

    (But Paulette is a close second…)

  7. well, since i can’t vote for the richardson homes slurring girl, i’ll vote for the 1-800 lady. i guess it’s kind of the same because we all know the richardson home girl will one day be that lady. her tag will be : call 1-800-2-sellhomes and let our famey sell your famies home.

  8. Yeah I think the Richardson girl beats all of these…but the 18002SellHomes lady is pretty high up there. Now she’s dragged her husband into the mix–lucky guy!

  9. Ahhh…and haven’t we all fallen for their marketing tactic. The worse the commercial spokesperson, the better the audience remembers their company. We don’t know their names, but we sure do know the names of the companies they’re representing. It all goes back to the first and most annoying: Linda Soundtrack. They posted record sales after she started serving as spokesperson. Brilliant!

  10. how this classifies as a legitimate contest with the absence of the retarded “let our fam-e-lee build your fam-e-lees home” girl is beyond me.

  11. I had to go old school and vote the Oklahoma Discount Furniture guy. It was tough, but he’s been around (annoying me) way longer than the others.

  12. what about the chick from the Brooks Clinic adds. the way she says the number drives me crazy (unfortunately i can’t mimick it in type, but it’s bad): call 943-0303, that’s 943-0303

  13. I moved from OKC to Los Angeles and now the Mathis Boys are ON TV HERE TOO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHH!

    I think they deserve an extra kick in the gerbil-laden pants for that.

  14. Thanks for not including the local hottie from Sunwest Motors. She has gone from bashful in the afro to full-on hotness. I’m on the verge of buying a crappy ’92 Oldsmobile just to meet her. Move over Epperson Photo girl…..the Sunwest Sweetie is in the house.

  15. The Diffee boys are awesome. They just ooze that “Lil’ Rascal” quality. They should have their own radio sports-talk program. Would not that shake the Pillars of Heaven as well as those of The Sports Animal?
    Also, is there really a giant exercise wheel located at some furniture store here in OKC?

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