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How NOT to Keep a Secret

When making such a fuss about rebranding the Seattle SuperSonics into the Oklahoma City (Team Name to be Announced)s, you would imagine that the owners of the city’s new NBA franchise would want to control the announcement of their team name. You know what happens when you assume?

Well, the NBA schedule for 2008-2009 was announced today and the inaugural season of the Oklahoma City franchise is set to kick off with a match against the mighty Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, October 29th. More interesting, to us at least, is what is listed above the team schedule on the NBA’s official website.

Link: Oklahoma City Thunder Schedule

Update: The link is now dead.  Thankfully screen shots live forever.


  1. Can’t you hear the sound that will reverberate throughout the arena everytime they score…okay, can’t you hear it the first three times before you lose your hearing?

  2. That is too strange. Maybe David Stern has been listening to the Seattle folks and assumed there was no internet access in Oklahoma.

  3. That song is Awesome! However; it will freaking get old, and fast! What the heck are we gonna’ play then? Please, not Garth! Not at a basketball game (Unless maybe it’s at a tournament in Ratliff City or something)!

    Just looked this up, there is a song called “Thunder” by Prince and the New Power Generation… :( Oh Crap! I think we are taking steps backward!

  4. I am just disappointed that they didn’t use Jason Zimdars idea from the ESPN Uniwatch page. It features the team name as the Oklahoma City “I Love this Basketball Team” and the logo features Toby Keith’s big meaty face. You can check it out here:


    I am also disappointed that TLO hasn’t done a feature on it. The logo is a great caricture of Toby Keith and provides a great opportunity to have a little fun at TK’s expense.

  5. How about Robert Mitchum singing “Thunder Road?”

    Then we can rename the crosstown . . .

  6. The Oklahoma City Thunder? Really? I knew they’d pick something awesome like that. (e-sarcasm)

    Let’s not forget to address the Garth Brooks “The Thunder Rolls” opportunities this presents. Oh goody.

    Just another confirmation that Oklahoma is incapable of being cool — courtesy of the NBA.

  7. Mark it down. It will be all Garth all the time. Until Toby finishes the thunder song he started working on the moment he found out this would be the name.

  8. As if we did not have enough of a white trash image…. Now our “big league” team will charge on to the court to the screams of Thunderstruck.

    It was cooler when Marlow High made it the rally cry for their 1993 football season…

  9. I could here “God of Thunder” by KISS being used, as long as it is not Garth Brooks The thunder rolls(not sure of the title, and could care less)

  10. People, anyone who’s spent time in the Great State knows how it lamer it could have been- something totally lame like the Wranglers. As Razzo Ritzo admonished, “that big dumb cowboy crap of yours ain’t impressing nobody I can tell you that” It isn’t a Western heritage name. Let out a sigh. Thunderbirds is perfect for Oklahoma- the 45th, native heritage- seems some people really don’t like it though. Too many syllables, sob. Maybe a bit too “” ethnic for an ownership group of rich white staunch republican church goers. Thank goodness the nba didn’t let them go with the Baron nickname, i.e., after themselves. Can’t think of any negatives there.
    Thunder also apt for Oklahoma, except it’s going to piss off some Blazeer fans. “Some of the most violent thunderstorms in the world occur in the central part of the United States known as Tornado Alley.'(from NASA data bitch) Yes everyone gets that gentle rolling pussy stuff off in the distance, Ok. gets collisions of massive cold and warm fronts. Ok. gets thunderclaps that wake you from a tequilla stupor thinking the Russians are coming. It’ll gain great acceptance the first spring game Mother Nature is rattling the windows of the Ford Center, and the fans are screaming along with each clap, beacuse as all Okies know, when you hear the tornado siren, grab a cold one and step out on the porch. Kobe will soil his purple and gold. It’s far better than many already accepted nba names. Could be the raptors or heat or sun or jazz in utah or lakers in la or bobcats or nets or wizards or spurs or clippers- Thunder is Ok like the plates used to say.

  11. Did anyone else notice that the “genius” at the NBA site used the wrong years? 2007-2008? Oops! Mistake #2

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