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Breaking News: Buy your official Oklahoma City Thunder gear online

Uhm…I guess you can go ahead and ignore the post below this one.  And if this is part of the “build interest” plan by Clay Bennett and Friends, they can go !@#$ themselves…

Oh yeah, here’s the link to the NBA store.  Go buy an overpriced polo shirt or something. 

2:41pm Update: Don’t forget to request your text message from NewsOK or The Sports Animal.


  1. Just came from the “unveiling.” The logo looks a little better against the light blue background, but it’s still pretty ridiculous.

  2. The logo could be a lot better, but it also could be a lot worse. The blue color actually does something for me.

  3. Dont two other teams in the league have this exact same color scheme? We could have been a little more original than this. I’m so embarrassed.

  4. Never thought I would see a worse idea for a name and logo than the Anaheim Mighty Ducks……until now. Ugh!

  5. Can’t be worse than the Mighty Ducks, because it would have to provoke a strong reaction first. It really doesn’t for me. It’s just there. So nondescript that we didn’t even have to pick a nickname, because that could be the logo for “Oklahoma City NBA” other than the not-even-thundery wordmark. Hell, the wordmark from the old “WCW Thunder” show (Thursday nights on TBS!) would have been better.

  6. New Jersey Nets template

    Charlotte Bobcats color scheme

    Maybe a bit of the New York Knicks color scheme

    and to trump all, that ridiculous THUNDER at the top.

    Seems everything was going pretty well, the name was not the choice of everyone but a great compromise. That logo is a steaming turd.

  7. Thunder is fine as a name. Christ.
    Miami Heat? How many complaints have you heard about that name over the last 20 years? I haven’t heard any, of course maybe there were in Miami at the time but I think it goes quite well.

    Utah Jazz? Not only is it a singular name like Thunder and Heat, it has literally NOTHING to do with Salt Lake City. They should have changed it when the moved from the Big Easy, point is, nobody cares anymore.

    Light blue

    That’s just vomit inducing.
    USFL/Arena league-like logo.

  8. Good one DMR. I like that.

    For all the hype, I was hoping to be wowed. I saw the two button polo above and thought, “Oh, the team color is white…how fitting.”

    My other thought is, “Hey, if you think that’s boring, wait till you see PJ Carlissimo coach the team!”

    On the other hand, there’s a nice dark blue t-shirt on the team website with no logo and the word Thunder in a decent font. I’d buy that. Actually, I’d catch that out of a t-shirt launcher.

  9. Wow…That’s about all that has hit me at this point. The logo seems like something that would be an assignment to make improvements on in a Graphic Design I class…And what about that music, Thunderstruck eh? too bad we looked like a [profane] embarrassment to the entire nation when not only our logo and team name sounds like a “little league city” but then our intro music started being all phasing and skipping. Once again…Wow.

  10. Maybe Clay and Co. shoulda kept the wnba team to get this logo making for dummies out of their system first. At least logos are allowed to be updated in the NBA. OKC maybe the fastest to do so…our first league record!

  11. Also funny…KFOR taglined the story of the line to buy the new Thunder merchandise as “Thunderwear”. Classic…

  12. After seeing the merch in person at the unveiling, I’ve got to say it’s really not that bad. I think it’ll actually grow on me. The colors are good. I like the state flag blue as the main color, and I’m really glad there’s no teal or purple or other terrible expansion teamish colors. The only issue I really have is that it feels really generic. There is nothing about the logo that connects to the city or the team name. They could throw any team name up on top of it and it would work. I think it would be a really solid secondary logo, but it is pretty underwhelming. Let’s hope the uniforms look nice.

  13. What child created this refrigerator art? No one outside of Oklahoma will be inspired to buy this crap or become a fan. This MLS design will grant us eternal small market, minor league status. I’m taking the L.A. Galaxy -3 in our opening exhibition match.

  14. After this debacle, we shouldn’t be surprised if they announce a blockbuster deal tomorrow to get Luc Longley to Oklahoma City for $7M per year. Whatever, or whoever, they paid for this, was way too much.

  15. WOW! Gotta love that, string ya along, only to tell ya what you already knew. But hey, my thought is I’m happy to have a team to call my own. Forget how bad or good the logo is or isn’t. I actually like the simple to the point look of it. The fact remains that the players are gonna make this merchandise look good or flat out ridiculous with their play on the court. I’m getting some goods though.

  16. It’s nice. Retro look, classic, understated. Color scheme is interesting, not garish, fits Ok. Everyting is so over the top these days.

  17. The more we see the logo, the more we’ll like it, even if we consider it second-rate right now. That’s the power of branding.

  18. That logo is proof positive that one should have a license to operate any Adobe product. Recall all Macs before that person strikes again. Why, oh why isn’t there a logo ed program like driver’s ed?

  19. The logo looks like clip art. Don’t give Clay B. credit for getting a Mac for Christmas. He’s that ultimate “PC GUY” and I bet he used the clip artwork found in MS Publisher. This Thunder doesn’t roar … it yawns. (Now that I think about it, does Clay play the “PC” guy on those
    Apple commercials?)

  20. Oh, it’s “retro and classic” alright. Looks like something off of my baseball simulator 1.000 game on regular nintendo from 1989.

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