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Color Me Stupidd

NewsOK.com has a little article up about former Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams being arrested (police report) on Friday for domestic abuse and public drunk. Here’s an excerpt:

Abrams, 38, apparently punched a woman in the nose and verbally threatened the woman by saying “I’m a kill you! You and me! You and me!” according to a police report.

Police were called about 4 p.m. to SW 89 and Pennsylvania regarding a drunken man causing a domestic disturbance, according to a police report. Officers spoke with Abrams, who is said to have had slurred speech and “random sentence fragments.” They could also smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, according to the report.

Color Me Badd was an R&B group founded in 1990 by Abrams and three other Northwest Classen High School graduates. The group had several chart-topping singles including “All 4 Love” and “I Adore Mi Amor.

We almost didn’t touch this topic. For one, some guy claiming to be Bryan Abrams left some comments on the site way before we had any readers. That kind of makes me feel guilty. Two, it’s never fun to beat a guy while he’s down. However, since neither of those excuses have ever stopped us from writing about someone, here are my quick thoughts:

“¢ Clark Matthews summed it up best when he wrote me how “the fallen have fallen.” You have to agree. This guy pretty much had everything in life going for him. Now he lists this house in south Oklahoma City that he doesn’t even own as his home address. Ouch.

“¢ When did it become a crime to get drunk in public? I can kind of see what’s wrong with domestic abuse, but if you ever find yourself at SW 89th and Penn and you’re not eating at Los Tacos, you should probably be drunk.

“¢ You got to love the line “I’m a kill you. You and me!” It makes as much grammatical sense as “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

“¢ Speaking of that song, do you like how The Oklahoman was scared to mention “I Wanna Sex You Up” as a “chart topping single.” Seriously, that would be like writing an article about George Lucas and only mentioning the films he directed as the classics “Willow” and “American Graffiti.”

“¢ Will Bryan Abrams register and leave a comment??? Who knows?

“¢ Will “Gladiator” leave Bryan Abrams alone in the jail??? Who knows?

Anyway, that’s all I got folks. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitresses and Clark Matthews. And if you are the real Bryan Abrams, send me an email. We need to do a Lost Ogle Q and A.


  1. That’s straight gangsta, but he should’ve waited until the the State Fair to beat his ol’ lady. That would’ve really rounded out the fall-from-grace motif. See Bryan? You could’ve had a Lifetime movie made from your story if you’d have just waited a few days. John Ritter could’ve played… wait, no, no, he couldn’t have, but still.

  2. That group was before their time…their intentional misspelling of “Badd” should qualify them to free drinks for life at every bar in Bricktown, namely Lit, Skyy, (RIP) Tapwerks and Rok.


  3. wow, did he really say in the police report “nigga to nigga”. damn, he is a nwclassen “og”, living sokc. probably going “to get sexed up” at the county in downtown okc, county.

  4. Drunk in the afternoon? Why B-Ryan musta been losin’ BIG TIME playin’ the Jim Traber Drinking Game. And I thought he was a professional. Amateur.

  5. Picture if you will a photo of a man who obviosly needs a kick in the nuts.
    “Random sentece fragments”- neh, that is lyrical genius, Philestine.

  6. Ah yes…the weekly cheap shot at South Oklahoma City. Something tells me, though, that Bryan’s new abode off of SW 89th and Penn beats the old rose garden neighborhoods surrounding Northwest Classen High School.

  7. “Something tells me, though, that Bryan’s new abode off of SW 89th and Penn beats the old rose garden neighborhoods surrounding Northwest Classen High School.”

    Probably not. He’s had some financial problems for quite some time. He was sued by the mothers of both of his kids for not paying child support. A few years ago he was working at a tire shop that his then girlfriends dad owned.

    Sam Watters another member of Color Me Badd is a successful songwriter in Los Angeles.

  8. Do you suppose they’ll provide him with a lavender turtleneck jump suit with slightly shaded matching glasses in the clink? Then NOBODY would dare mess with that bad ass south side mo fo.

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