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Is this Brent Skarky’s secret boyfriend?

I honestly don’t know the answer to the question.  I just know that this guy has been recently seen with The Skarker at both Oktoberfest and the movie theatre.  It kind of makes you wonder a couple of things.  For one,  couldn’t Skarky do a little bit better since he is a local “celebrity?”  And two, I bet  Curtis Fitzpatrick is really pissed right now.


  1. 1)That IS a celebrity he is with: That dude looks like the actor who was the main character on Wonder Years

    2) What is Brent wearing around his neck? Does he wear a press pass to impress/pick up dates?

  2. I think the true celebrity in the picture is that fine young man in the white shirt. He looks a lot like someone I know.

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