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Tulsa Tuesday – Haunted Places in Tulsa

Sometimes I kid in my posts, but I’m not joking about this. I don’t know what that blue light is in the above photo. It isn’t a light, reflection or security cam. I took this picture Sunday for this post and stopped by again Monday to double check the corner. There is nothing there. In a photo taken from a different angle (on the right), seconds later, there is no blue light.

A couple of friends of mine worked as security while this building was constructed. They said one of the construction workers photographed orbs in the basement. They tried to get me a copy of the picture, but couldn’t find it. I met with the supervisor and he said there was no photo.

This is also the center of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot. Who knows how much paranormal activity happens here?

I promise you, I did not Photoshop this picture. It wasn’t there when I took the photo. I honestly don’t know what the blue light is. Enlarge the picture and look for yourself. Look at both angles.

Let’s move on and resume the post.

There are better-documented paranormal stories than mine. Since we’re three days away from Halloween, I thought I’d you give a piece about Haunted Places in Tulsa:

10. E. Easton Place

In Autumn, between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., a little boy is seen running down this street. Sometimes you can hear him scream. This street is near a closed Kmart. I assume the child is barefoot.

9. Philbrook Museum

Witnesses say the statues eyes follow you. Sometimes the head will turn and watch guests. This could simply be a witness on an acid trip or a janitor cleaning.*

8. Train Tracks

Four children died playing chicken on these tracks. Some believe that if you park your car in this location, the ghosts of the children will push your car off the tracks. They’ll leave dirty handprints on your car. I find this whole story ridiculous. It’s obviously the shadow people.

7. Spotlight Theatre

Footsteps are heard coming from the costume room. There are strange scratch marks on the wall in the basement. Small raisin-like objects appear on the floor. Since Spotlight Theatre faces the Arkansas River, it’s probably river rats.

6. Tulsa Garden Center

Typical haunted story. Rich couple buys house. Wife dies shortly after they move into the home. The wife’s body is laid out for viewing in the south arboretum room of their house. This room is mostly windows and remains colder than the rest of the house, even during the summer. I heard Clark has a similar problem in the west wing of his home.

5. University of Tulsa Dorm

A resident advisor overdosed and died. She left her phone off the hook. Students in this dorm say their phones are taken off the hook at night. Oooooooooooooooo.

4. Old Central High School

This is the former location of Central High School. In the 1930’s, a girl named Doris Dixon died in the basement swimming pool. On the building there are stones engraved with each class’s graduation dates. If you stare at the class of 1936, you may see the outline of Doris’ face. I stared at the stone. I saw a one … a nine … a three … then a homeless man peeing in the bushes.

3. Brady Theatre

There are several stories about the Brady Theatre, but the most gruesome is tied to the Tulsa Race Riots. One story is that the theatre was a holding area to keep African-American refugees safe, but instead it was a trap. Victims were tortured, burned and buried in the walls and floors of the Brady Theatre. There may some truth to this story. Recently, pictures surfaced that showed African-Americans being escorted in the theatre.

2. Hex House

During the Depression, a lady named CarolAnn Smith lost her husband to suicide. He managed to shoot himself in the back of the head. Smith was living off her husband’s and father’s life insurance. After her husband’s death, she found two roommates that lived in her basement as “religious slaves” for eight years. They worked for PSO and gave Smith their paychecks. Shortly after the roommates moved in, Smith’s housekeeper wandered into the street and was struck by a car and died. Smith, who took out a life insurance policy on her housekeeper, now had a third insurance policy to live off. According to police reports, Smith planned to kill the roommates and collect the insurance money. There was a file on the Hex House at the main Tulsa Library, but it has been stolen. The house has been demolished and is now a parking lot.

1. Cain’s Ballroom

Bob “Take Me Back to Tulsa” Wills is believed to haunt Cain’s Ballroom. Others claim to see a Lady in Red. I witnessed a crowd of drunk and stoned people that claimed to see many things.

(For political fun, check out If They Mated: Jim Inhofe & Andrew Rice or Geogianna Oliver & John Sullivan. For delicious QuikTrip food, there’s Mattatarian’s Food Offering of the Week [Halloween Edition].)

(I took the photo of the statue at the Tulsa Garden Center, which is located next to Philbrook. It made a cooler picture for this post than the Philbrook building.)*


  1. RE: #5…I don’t think it’s a ghost so much as hungover college students forgetting they took their phone off the hook so they wouldn’t accidently answer a call from their parents while wasted the night before.

  2. I’m still “haunted” by the images of Biker Fox dancing around in his man panties (manties) a few months ago.

  3. I have found that the paranormal is actually the normal, trying to be explained in an abnormal way.
    You could send your picture to http://www.randi.org/joom/ and they might tell you what could have possibly caused the reflected light your camera caught. Or since it’s near Halloween, just go with the woo-woo.

  4. Maybe it was a ghost at Cain’s ballroom that broke my car window and stole all my stuff to get some ghost crack.

    The Hex house is super scary now that it’s a parking lot. A haunted parking lot is maybe….the scariest effing thing ever.

  5. I like the way Hellbound thinks. I have been debunking orb pictures forever, but for some reason the idea of animated spirits manifesting themselves only to digital cameras as perfect circles of light is more exciting than saying the camera flash reflected against particulate matter in the air.

    People have a tendency to bypass the unlikely on their way to embrace the incredible.

  6. I wonder how frightened you would feel, if you are looking at the Philbrook statue, which is looking back at you, and it gets an erection!

  7. “I wonder how frightened you would feel, if you are looking at the Philbrook statue, which is looking back at you, and it gets an erection!”

    I’d be flattered… and a little curious.

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