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Paul Folger is easily distracted and probably not gay…

Well, this video probably explains why KOCO had Jessica Schambach paired with Maggie Carlo. It’s also probably why Tyler Suiters didn’t have his contract renewed. Simply put, Jessica is just too distracting.  Check out the video:

Seriously, until I watched this video I kind of wondered if Paul Folger was gay. Well, now I think it’s safe to say that he’s not, and that he’s just…well…ghey.

Anyway, I don’t think you can blame Paul for sneaking a peak or two. If I worked with Jessica Schambach, I’d totally do the same thing. However, I’d be a little more sly about it and do what Mark Rodgers probably does and just wait until a commercial break…or at least until we were with a bunch of people at bar. I’d also probably wear the secret x-ray glasses that Clark Matthews ordered from the back of a Boy’s Life in 1987, but just tell Jessica that they were super glasses that made me stronger.

(Special thanks to www.edburnett.com for the heads up)


  1. Come on Paul!!! A little professionalism. You do not see the no-name guys on Fox25 scoping out Jamie on the air!

    BTW, saw Jamie at a Thunder game! WOW!!! Much stronger in person than I would have imagined.

  2. Did anyone else notice how pervy the “yeah” was when when he said, “Yeah, that was a nice one.” A line he said referring to the weekend, but at the time looking down Jessica’s shirt.

  3. I use to work next to ‘the schambach’ a couple years back. One day she came back from the ‘On the road’ tour. All of the editors just paused and watched her walk by in slow motion. She then looked over to us and said, “yea, they are real”, and just keeps on walkin. Ahhh…. the only thing i miss about koco.

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