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The 2008 Okie Blog Awards are coming…

Even though we are officially now in 2009, we have gotten word that nominations are now underway for the 2008 Okie Blog Awards.  We’re not sure why they are just now accepting nominations for an award that was due last year, but I guess that’s how they do things.

The awards are put together and organized by Mike at OkieDokeIn 2007, The Lost Ogle was nominated in two categories: Best Overall Blog and Best Humor Blog.  Fittingly, we didn’t win either category.  In the Best Overall Blog category we were topped by a lady who posts recipes and pictures of children running through fields.  The runner-up was a blog written by a guy who’s blogged every day since 1974 and has a shoe fetish.

In the Best Humor Blog category, we were beat by the winner, Redneck Diva, and runner-up, The Daily Bitch.  Both of these blogs practice a form of humor called “silent laughter.”  I really have no clue what that means, but I think it summarizes the funny value of those sites.  At least the “humor” columnist at Look @ OKC didn’t beat us.  His blog is more depressing than Southeast Oklahoma City.  Seriously, when you go to his site you want to give him a donation to help him pay for another surgery and a prostitute.

Anyway, here are the different categories for which they are now accepting nominations.

Best Overall Blog
Best Political Blog
Best Family Blog
Best Humor Blog
Best Audio Blog
Best Looking Blog
Best Writing
Best Commentary
Best Culture Blog
Best Unusual Blog
Best Inspirational Blog
Best Commercial Blog (company sponsored)

All of the details about the awards are available at the Okie Blog Awards website, but I’ll go ahead and tell you that you have to be a blogger to nominate a blog.   And when I say be a blogger, I mean “having at least one blog post during the last 60 days of 2008.”  So unless you have time machine and can go back in time and create a blog, you probably can’t nominate us.  That sucks, because we really wanted to rig the nomination process and get the Bill Kumpe Private Blog in every category. Damn rules!


  1. Reason number 145,678 why we should carefully consider whether we are in a better position to educate our children than trained professionals:

    “Learning is what you can contine to do even after you close the books at home, leave the public or private school, or whatever the child’s learning environment.”

    I can almost hear the hearty laughs of my past English teachers.

  2. “Both of these blogs practice a form of humor called ‘silent laughter.’ I really have no clue what that means, but I think it summarizes the funny value of those sites.”

    I Googled silent laughter. I still don’t know what it really means. Well, other than to laugh without making noise. If people are reading my blog and only SAY they are laughing and I hear no noise to prove it does that mean I’m really not funny? I’m so confused.

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