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The Lost Ogle Mailbag

The Lost Ogle Mailbag is an underutilized feature where we respond to real, kind of real and totally fabricated emails that we receive.  If you have or question or comment that you would like us to address, email us at The Lost Ogle at gmail.com.  The subject line should read “You guys are awesome.”

Anyway, here it is:

So I got an email about an hour ago saying that SallyKern was following me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/SallyKern). I wondered how many disparaging things I could say about her and how long it would take until she blocked me.  It turns out the answers to those questions were 4 and less than an hour. So, if your readers are on twitter and in need of some entertainment/therapeutic vitriol spewing, I highly recommend messing with her.
Ian, OKC

This is a great idea.  I’m not too familiar with Twitter, and not really sure how it works, but here are some messages that I suggest people leave for her:

“¢ Playing the piano, practicing celibacy, and watching gay porn.  Going to be a fun night.

“¢ Some “Kernservative” homo just cut me off in traffic.

“¢ Just saw a bunch of terrorists attack the Habanna Inn.

What do you think about Bob Barry Sr. retiring from Channel 4?
Junior, Edmond

My first thought is that he quit the wrong job!  Reading a teleprompter isn’t too difficult, but providing the play-by-play of in intercollegiate football or basketball game actually takes skill.  Seriously, an advanced calculus professor makes more sense than Bob Barry Sr.  I listened to him call about a minute of the OU – Arkansas mens basketball game last week and had no clue what I was listening to.  Finally, the color announcer took control of things and explained what was taking place, but that guy’s voice was so annoying that I had to turn the game off.

Did you know that Wimgo sponsored The Flaming Lips New Years Eve show?  Is Wayne Coyne officially a sell out?
Austin W., OKC

In a way, The Flaming Lips have been selling out their entire career.  Remember, before they were super popular they made appearances on 90210 and Charmed.  And whenever they release a new CD, I fully expect half of the songs to be featured in commercials.  Hell, they even wrote an NBC jingle.  But you can’t blame them, selling out is how these guys make money.

However, finding out that Wimgo sponsored the New Year’s Eve show was like discovering that your ex-girlfriend in high school left you for the annoying DECA guy that nobody liked…or at least a gelatinous green cube.  But since they are The Flaming Lips and since they are weird as hell, I’ll forgive them.

Any chance that we’ll see a “Top 20 Hottest Men in the Oklahoma City Media?”
Susan, South OKC

Perhaps.  We do have a female contributor who helps out every now and then, and she has expressed interest in writing this post.  My only rule is that Ed Hochuli and Gary England must make the list.  Clark Matthews wants Jim Miller, the PA Announcer for The Thunder, to make it, but that’s only because Clark Matthews likes to chant “defense” and for everybody to clap their hands.

The Oklahoma Film Critics Circle named “Slumdog Millionaire” it’s best film of the year.  Maybe it’s time for the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle to disband?
Emilee, Bricktown

A: Honestly, I’ve quit paying attention to what any Oklahoma film critic thinks until we get back the grumpy old bald guy that used to write The Gazette movie reviews.  Also, I’m not sure if I like how The Oklahoma Film Critic Circle’s website includes a link to Bam’s Blog, but doesn’t link to us.

What do you all think about The Tulsa World laying off some employees this week?
Robert E. Lorton XXII, Tulsa

A: It really really sucks for the people who were let go, but that’s becoming the norm for newspapers.  What isn’t normal are the damn streets in Tulsa.  One time I was driving on a highway and the upcoming exits were something like 41st, 51st and 169th.  When you exited on 169th, you had to go south on East 74th, and that party was at East 74th and some street named after an Ivy League University.  I ended up at Oral Roberts.  It wasn’t a fun party.

Q: Which will close first?  McNellie’s in Midtown or The Prohibition Room?
Arthur Richmond, Turner Falls

A: That’s a good question.  My gut feeling is The Prohibition Room.  For some reason, it has established itself as the restaurant that I want to go to for dinner, but will probably never get around to doing so.  That could be because it has the word “prohibition” in its name.  For a level 2 alcoholic, that’s never a good idea.

McNellie’s is the place that I want to like and enjoy, yet everytime I go there I always leave disappointed.  For some reason, though, I always go back.  Maybe that’s because I’m a level 2 alcoholic.

Q: When will the top half of the “20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media” be released?
Ted S., Oklahoma City

A: Next week!


  1. Wow, how eerie. Just the other day, I was thinking that you guys should have a mailbag feature, and here it is.

    I actually wanted to send you guys an email about something, but I don’t quite have the courage to do so. Then again, this emboldened me to register and post this comment, so who knows what I’ll do next.

  2. since you’ve deemed me a level two alkie, i feel as if i can weigh in on this one. allegedly, i’ve been to mcnellie’s and the prohibition room. my bank account would prefer that both close. am i level three yet? wait, is one good or bad?

  3. Unless about 10 hot media types move to OK in the next few days, the “20 Hottest Men in the Media” will most likely just be a top 10. Maybe I just have high standards. Nope, that can’t be it.

  4. What’s wrong with Slumdog Millionaire? It’s awesome. I don’t know about OKC film critics, but that movie was perfect.

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