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The 2009 “20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media,” Part II

Last week, we counted down the bottom half of our “Top 20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media.” This week we have the Top 10!  Here it is for your review:

20. Terri Poahway
19. Kealey McIntire
18. Ali Meyer
Bobbie Miller
16. Lacey Lett
15. Lisa Monahan
14. Kelly Crull
13. Heather Warlick
12. Darrielle Snipes
11. Meg Alexander

Also, you may notice I posted a picture of cute cuddly pandas.  Last week’s rankings included a picture of pretty horses running through a field of wildflowers.  I posted these pictures for our non-lesbian female readers who really don’t care about these rankings.  You know who you are.

Anyway, check out the Top 10 after the jump.  You may be surprised!

10. Amanda Taylor
Anchor/Investigative Reporter, KWTV Channel 9

Why she should be ranked higher:
Amanda has definitely improved her stock over the past year.  Plus, she’s inherited Brad Edwards’ role as the person that you’d least like to see walking into your office with news cameras.  Hopefully, this top 10 ranking will serve as some sort of inducement for her us to leave us alone!

Why she should be ranked lower:
If you dated her, she’d probably investigate you on Google.  She’d also pull your medical records and interview your ex.

9. Nancy Zimmerman
Meteorologist, KSBI Channel 52

Why she should be ranked higher:
Nancy is the new evening meteorologist at KSBI Channel 52.  I’m not sure if this is related to her hiring or not, but ratings at KSBI have gone through the roof.

Why she should be ranked lower:
Yeah.  Just kidding.

8. Angela Rosecrans
Reporter/ OETA

Why she should be ranked higher:
She’s hot in a very lawyer or librarian type way.  Who doesn’t like a hot librarian or lawyer?

Why she should be ranked lower:
She works for the OETA News Report, which I think is only broadcast to retirement homes, cafeterias and prisons.  Plus, her picture kind of looks like it should hang above some fireplace at a manor in Gallardia.

7. Melissa Maynarich
Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Why she should be ranked higher:
For some reason, Melissa Maynarich flies under the radar in this market.  That’s a shame.  She’s looks like the stereotypical girl next door who they portray in movies who never really lived next door to you or anybody else.

Why she should be ranked lower:
According to some of our KWTV sources, Melissa has a serious addiction to low budget Viking porn and a crush on Toby Rowland. Just kidding, neither one of those statements are true…or are they?!?

6. Lauren Richardson
Reporter, KOKH Channel 25

Why she should be ranked higher:
Probably for the same reasons that made her last year’s Number 1:  Braum’s, Log Rolling, and really long legs.

Why she should be ranked lower:
You may notice that Lauren fell quite a bit from last year’s ranking.  That’s what happens when you get engaged.

5. Audrey Esther
Internet Reporter, KWTV Channel 9

Why she should be ranked higher:
To be honest with you, I don’t even know if she works for Channel 9 anymore.  But even if she doesn’t, who cares? I’ll go ahead and make this spot a life time achievement award just to keep her on the list.

Why she should be ranked lower:
The fact she produces or produced content for the Channel 9 website drops her a notch.  If you’re a hot chick and nobody gets to see you, does that make you hot?  Who knows!

4. Jolene Chaney
Reporter, KFOR

Why she should be ranked higher:
Just like me, Jolene Chaney is hot in a very cute and innocent way.  Unlike me, she is not a borderline level 2 alcoholic.

Why she should be ranked lower:
Jolene seems a little shy, reserved and insecure.  This can severely limit hotness.  I’ve heard that the cure for this is something called Jägermeister.

3. Amy McRee
Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Why she should be ranked higher:
Pink Bikini.  I think the Oklahoma Historical Society needs to do whatever it takes to confiscate the pink bikini and put it on display.

Why she should be ranked lower:
When I watch the news, sometimes I question her hotness.  But then I turn off the news and just tape the pink bikini picture to the screen.  Damn pink bikini.

2. Jessica Schambach
Anchor, KOCO Channel 5

Why she should be ranked higher:
To provide the answer to this question, I turn to Jessica’s friend and colleague, Paul Folger.  Seriously, even if Paul Folger is ghey, you can’t blame him for sneaking a peak or two.

Why she should be ranked lower:
Part of what made Jessica so special was that she used to co-anchor the news with former hot chick Maggie Carlo.  Now that Maggie is gone, we have lost the possibility of a spontaneous on-air make-out session.  That’s why they need to hire the hot chick from Lawton.  Keep the dream alive!

p.s.- sorry about including a pic of “Jess” ““ yeah, that’s what I call her ““ with a couple of questionable heterosexuals.

1. Jaime Cerreta
Anchor, KOKH Channel 25.

Why she should be ranked higher:
Lunges.  Lunges.  Lunges.

Why she should be ranked lower:
To be honest, we ranked Jaime so high in hopes that it will keep her in this market longer.  The last thing we need is for her to leave and then to be replaced with a not as hot chick or gay guy.  Also, at last check Andrew Speno hasn’t stepped down and donated his salary to the Save Jaime Cerreta Fund. Come on Andrew…do the right thing.

Well, that’s it.  Who did we miss?  What ommission was made?  I’m sure you’ll tell us in the comments.  Also, if you have any pictures of these ladies, you can always send them to thelostogle at gmail dot com.


  1. Number 9 is Jackie Guerrido from Primer Impacto weather on Univision, not Nancy Zimmerman. So not an OKC media woman, plus she beats out all the women on the list.

  2. Solid list! I might have swapped spots on 1-2. Both are smokin hot! Note to KOCO: Pick up Ceretta and kick the possibly gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)Paul Folger to the curb.

    I might also move Nancy Zimmerman up a few notches. Sorry Gary England… it may get me squashed by a tornado but I think I just found a new source for weather! And for other things too…

  3. Well…I hear Audrey is gone from 9…so there’s one spot…If the Univision meteorologist isn’t OKC…there’s another spot.

    You could also give them half rankings like you did Van Shea.

    Or just have a three-way tie for first.

    Plenty of options.

  4. Yeah, #1 is a disappointment, I am not sure whe would be in my top ten. “Jess” is a definite #1. Before I knew you were joking, I was going to start watching “Thunder TV” for the weather.

    I would probably move Melissa Maynarich up too.

  5. Damn, Jess!!! I thought you were gonna make it this time, girl. Maybe next year.

    In order to settle any disputes as to rankings, I propose a competition between the candidates including sports trivia and beer drinking followed by mud wrestling. If that don’t settle it once and for all, it will just have to be one of those eternal existential questions incapable of a correct answer.

    Note to Patrick: How can Jaime be ranked any higher than #1? I’m just askin.

  6. KSBI has a weather bunny that looks like THAT?!?! I might have to unblock that channel now.

    And Zimmerman isn’t rated higher than #9? She’s EASILY the hottest of the bunch.

  7. Dudes…….Amanda Taylor is way overrated. The head bobing back and forth when she talks gives me nightmares.

  8. What about the love for Jennifer Pierce. She may be banished to the hinterlands of Weekend Morning news, but, she still is a hotty.

  9. Although the comment board have been long gone silent, I’ll just have my input anyway :).

    Notable mentions:

    Sarah Libby (weather in the morning)
    Whitney Allen (traffic report)

    I’m a morning kind of guy hehe.

    Consider for 2010? if they stick around that’s it.

  10. Ok…here’s a brain teaser for some of you. I moved down here in 1999, just in time for the May 3rd tornado. I’m thinking it was shortly after that that an early morning anchor showed up on KWTV, but for the life of me, I can’t remember her name. She was dark haired, had slightly pronounced front teeth, and was pretty cute in a wholesome way. Anyway..she could NEVER get the words to come out right. She would stammer, make grammatical mistakes, and would sometimes act like she was totally lost. She didn’t last long. I saw her again on a few commercials for some dentist office. I want to say her name was Amy, but who knows…my mind is feeble nowadays! Thanks in advance for the name! (if you remember it)

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