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Tulsa Tuesday – Things in Tulsa that Make Me Uncomfortable


Relax, it’s a swan.  At the wrong angle, you might think otherwise.  At that angle I felt inadequate.  This statue* at Swan Lake has always made me uncomfortable, along with “¦

“¢ KUMHO Tires


“¢ This Sign


“¢ Dong’s Sporting Goods


“¢ An Unintentional Phallical Photo I Took at the BOK Center


“¢ Smelling Patrick Dempsey


“¢ The Corner of Young and 69, which is one block north of …


“¢ … Virgin Street, which is not too far from …


“¢ … Patrick Park


P.S.  Things outside of Tulsa that Make Me Uncomfortable: this angry letter from a NAMBLA member.  Things that make me feel better: these Baked Apple Pies from Quiktrip.

*Special thanks to Daniel Jeffries for letting me use his Swan Lake photo.  


  1. Isn’t there a chain of convenience stores in that part of the state called Kum ‘n Go? I always thought that was disturbing.

  2. The greatest thing about Kum ‘n Go is that it has long been the target of laughs from Tulsa citizens. So Git ‘n Go decides to merge with Kum ‘n Go, and instead of changing the Kum ‘n Go’s to Git ‘n Gos, they went the other way and effectively doubled the amount of uncomfortably insinuating name of Kum ‘n Go. Makes me wonder if the entire boardroom was just oblivious to the name, or if they intentionally did it. Free advertising I suppose for people who make fun of it.

  3. I know that this is a “Tulsa Tuesday” thing but let me submit a disturbing sign that was for years a part of southern Oklahoma City. Dr. Harry Wang – Gynecologist. For years my friends and I would drive out of our way anytime we were in town to see that sign and bust a gut laughing…ahhh, good times.

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