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Global Warming is a Myth


Tornadoes in February?  What are you doing visiting this site?  You should be paying attention to Lord Gary.


  1. I’m actually watching Husker Rick because it’s the only streaming video I can get to come through. He’s not doing a very good job of helping me understand what’s going on. I need Gary.

  2. When Gary’s on the mic and the siren blows. Get your hide in a Fraidy Hole.

    “Val where are you”

    “Gary I’m out in the field and there is currently an F-42 Tornado wrapped in a snuggie selling Ray Stevens CDs”

  3. I don’t watch Channel 4 because Mike Morgan isn’t a meteorologist, and I watched/listed to David Payne nearly drive into the May 3 tornado. As far as I am concerned Darwin’s theory of evolution failed miserably that day when he somehow survived.

  4. i just happened to switch over to ksbi’s wonderful coverage of the storms. No, the jerk of a meteorologist Brady Brus wasn’t there, some other dude was, it was t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. Their best way to show us the storms other than the radar was their storm trackers “sat cams” which kept locking up!

  5. Let me say this as a meteorologist: climate is not weather. Weather happens on the scale of a year, climate variability on the order of 5 years – decades, climate change happens on the order of centuries to millenniums.

    If this tornado outbreak is related to climate then is has a greater chance of the result of climate variability such as ENSO (which does not appear to be happening right now) or another cycle. The connection to Global Warming can only be indirect; Global Warming modifies the climate variability events which in turn affects weather.

    Saying this event is the result of Global Warming implies a direct effect and is inherently wrong.

  6. Vanny: Mike Morgan isn’t a meterologist?

    Last time I checked, he had either an AMS or NWA seal.

    As far as David Payne, he still chases and survives. Must be doing something right.

  7. At nermel: if Vanny is thinking what I’m thinking then he/she means that he doesn’t have a degree in meteorology. The rumors are he got caught cheating in a class his Senior year. This lead to him getting a permanent F in a required class for graduating so he had to drop out.

  8. Tornadoes + February = Global Warming?

    Remember kids, on a short enough time line, every weather event is unprecedented.

  9. Slow ya roll Flow. Are you and Kyle part of the Bush administration? Sure tornadoes + February doesn’t necessarily = global warming, but it’s pretty f***** up (to borrow a phrase from fine sports reporting). And Kyle, trying to apply classroom definitions of climate and weather to documented developing phenomena is a little irresponsible of an upstanding, non-cheating-type meteorologist, don’t ya think? By your own definition, global warming is too modern to have any measured effect on climate, considering those tree-hugging liberals just invented it a couple decades ago. Does that make it not real? Maybe. I’d love to discuss more, but I gotta go mow the lawn.

  10. Regarding Morgan I’m pretty sure I’m correct that he does not have a degree in meteorology, but I wouldn’t swear by it.

    And dude, he drove into the May 3 tornado, thats got nothing to do with knowing what you’re doing. I saw that thing from 4 miles away, it looked like a rain wrapped cloud a mile wide. The phrase “even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while”, comes to mind.

  11. bestgolfer, seeing as I’m a libertarian that voted for Paris Hilton, I have to laugh at being labeled a Bushie. But hey, if that’s your chosen tactic, then more power to ya.

    Global warming may very well be real, but you’re gonna have to try (without bringing up Bush) to convince me that it is anything other than the normal fluctuations in climate that the planet has under gone for billions of years.

    Unless of course you’re one of those young earth creationists, then your argument might make some sense. After all, how many February tornadoes have there been in the last 6000 years?

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