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Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (34)

When Clark Matthews was 16, he and his friends would ride the Pirate Ship ride at Frontier City and yell “Regulators” when it reached its highest point.  Me and my friends, on the other hand, would simply walk up to girls waiting in line at the Silver Bullet or Wildcat and tell them that “the next stop is the East Side Motel.”
That kind of shows the big difference between me and Clark Matthews.  I like to support the local hotel and restaurant industry, whereas Clark Matthews just really likes pirates.


  1. ya… u should know i’ve been whistling this crap song and yelling REGULATOOOOOOORSSS all day. my daughter might shoot me.

  2. 16 in the clip and one in the hole, Clark Matthews is about to make some bodies turn cold…

    This was the anthem for middle class white kids everywhere back in the day…

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