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These people should do more video…

As you know by now, most of the videos produced at NewsOK are stale, amateurish, poorly-produced bores. But on occasion, some of them are so bad- like this one and this one – that they become unintentional comedy gold.

The newest example of this is the “Entertainment Sneak Peak” featuring Gene Triplett along with George Lang, Matt Price and Brandy McDonnell. If you have a friend with self esteem problems, get them to watch it now. These awkward folks do a fantastic job making you feel better about yourself:

I’ll tell you what; I bet that the average OPUBCO reporter would be more comfortable watching Ed Kelly take a shit on their car than they would be appearing in a video for NewsOK. Knowing that, why does OPUBCO continually put these awkward folks in front of cameras? Didn’t these reporters choose print journalism for a reason?

Anyway, I think those are some pretty good questions, and maybe someday OPUBCO will officially answer them. Until then, we are just going to have to wonder:

“¢ What’s going on to the right of Gene Triplett?
“¢ Does Brandy McDonnell close her eyes every time she thinks, or just when she thinks and talks?
“¢ Does the guy with the 1990’s haircut play with GI Joes?
“¢ Does George Lang really have a problem with Brandy McDonnell? If so, is it because her blog is more popular than his?


  1. And by “ouch,” I meant on TLO’s end this time. This is a bit harsh and unwarranted.

  2. I found this gem completely warranted. I cannot however remove the visual of Ed Kelly taking a dump on some beat reporter’s car out of my head.

  3. Step 1: Get into manufactured pissy slapfight with newsok/podcastsdontsuck/mommybloggers/wimgo/et. al. with links.
    Step 2: get target of slapfight to respond. With links.
    Step 3: increase traffic at both sites.
    Step 4: repeat as necessary.
    Step 5: Ka-ching!

  4. While I agree this video isn’t the best, George Lang’s Static series is pretty f’in great. So, not all the NewsOK videos are bad.

  5. Ouch Clark… why you gotta keep takin shots at podcastdontsuck. TLO was given an assist with the “flaming lips” pics. Maybe you should be a little nicer to the people that help you out.

  6. Considering that the guy with the “1990’s haircut” owns Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman, it’s a pretty safe bet that he does in fact play with GI Joes, or at the very least have a number of them in his possession.

  7. Jesus God that is boring! Even Lang, who is usually a pretty interesting guy… kill me. Thankfully I do not work for Ed Kelley, so I have the luxury of not watching this whole video. Ever.

  8. I made it to 1:16 before I had to stop. But I’m pretty sure whatever is happening on Gene’s right is way more exciting than what’s going on on his left. Also, did Brandy actually say “It’s going to be a huge summer at the movies, that’s the one thing I noticed.”? Is summer a big time for the movie industry? I never noticed that before.

  9. This just makes me appreciate the Static series more. It’s crazy how much better it is than these things. Hard to believe they are even on the same site.

  10. 1. The Lang static stuff is pretty damn good, I’ll agree.

    2. Numbered lists in responses are very in the douche bag realm of doing things.

    3. It has to suck, as mentioned in TLO’s commentary, to have chosen print journalism and then get told that you have to fill four minutes of video with the insight and energy of a biopsied benign tumor.

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