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Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (42)

If the high 90’s temperatures, annoying humidity and sweat dripping from your forehead hasn’t done it yet, I figured it would be fun to post a video to remind everyone that tomorrow is the first official day of summer.

Also, according to the always reliable Wikipedia, tomorrow is also the anniversary of Guinn v. United States.  This supreme court decision struck down an Oklahoma law that denied some citizens the right vote.  I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but just consider it a fun fact.  Here’s another fun fact: I’m handsome.


  1. Oh, Patrick, don’t be so modest. Not only are you handsome, you are hot and young and charming and witty. It’s so obvious to me why you ride around with a helmet on all the time and carry a baseball bat…you have to beat the women off you.

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