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Top Ten”¦Abandoned Oklahoma Places.

A few weeks back, we got an email from a website called AbandonedOK.com asking us us to check out their site.  We did and we liked it.  Basically, the owners of the site go to a abandoned places in Oklahoma, take some pictures of them, and then post it all to the internet.

After taking a look at the site, it got me thinking about some places they should possibly chronicle in future postings; places that were staples of my childhood, and others that have been abandoned since the Land Run.  Enjoy.

10. Spaghetti Warehouse in Bricktown

Ask the average Oklahoman about the last time they ate at The Spaghetti Warehouse, and the average answer will probably be “In 1992 with my parents.”  They also probably set in the stupid street car.  How this place is still open is beyond me.

9. Enterprise Square USA

As both an Edmondite and Libertarian, I’m kind of proud that my hometown was once the home to an interactive kid’s museum that educated kids about our free enterprise system and the dangers of government involvement.  That being said, I wish The Lost Ogle was around when this project was green lit so that everyone could make fun of it.  This had to be one of the worst ideas in Edmond history.  It’s worse than Broadway between 2nd and 33rd.

Anyway, I wish that I stole the large cutout of Eli Whitney from the Hall of Giants before the place disappeared.   Speaking of that, what happened to all the characters in the hall of giants?  Maybe AbandonedOK should investigate.

8. Berry Tramel’s Old Place
Am I the only one horribly embarrassed by Berry Tramel? It’s not his writing style, but that the good people out at the dark tower thought it would be a good idea to put a camera on Berry and have him talk. To that I say “BULLFEATHERS!“. One look at the guy and you’re kind of surprised he can even form complete sentences, let alone form a logical thought.

Ok, maybe I’m being too hard on the guy, but I still cringe at the though of Berry Tramel representing Oklahoma in the sports media world. Get some new clothes Berry and make an honest effort not to appear like the DOK pays you in crack.

7. Celebration Station
So this place isn’t really abandoned, but I miss the go-karts and bumper boats at Celebration Station. I could own the Addam’s Family pinball machine for like an hour on one dollar. I miss cashing in my hard earned tickets for glow in the dark bouncy balls and sour warhead candy.  I certainly don’t miss the pedophiles that used to walk around that place with bags of tokens and stacks of tickets vying for the attention of young impressionable boys trying to get ahead in the token market “¦ Wow, I think I just unlocked a suppressed memory.  Damn you, Chad!

6. The Dell Building on I-44
So I hear the economy isn’t doing so hot these days. No place in Oklahoma has shown the signs of the recession more than the Dell sales buildings. Everyone in OKC knows at least one person who used to work at Dell and now works at Office Max.

5. The Guthrie Boys Home
Compliments of my friends at www.prairieghosts.com.  This place is bad ass, haunted by an evil nurse maid and the torched souls of orphans.  From the site:

According to legend and accounts of Guthrie citizens, the nurse maid was a brazen, evil, and hideous women who died in her early 50’s. Once the stories of abuse by the nurse maid reached the powers that be, they immediately questioned her and realized that she was guilty of all accusations. In a fit of rage, she sought revenge on the individuals who had exposed her heinous deeds, which so happened to be the boys she was abusing. If memory serves me correctly, the total number of boys the nurse maid murdered was 6. Legend goes that between the hours of 2am and 6am cries and screams from the boys can be heard in any section of the home and that the ghost of the nurse maid is said to lurk in the main entry hallway, which is extremely long and creepy, the pool and recreation area, and the dormitories where the young boys retired each evening.

This makes me want to head out there tonight and go Ghost Hunter on the tortured spirits asses.

4. OkieDoke.com

Fellow Oklahoma Blog Okiedoke.com is in the process of shutting its e-doors and leaving all of us with an empty feeling come “Okie Blog” award season. At least now we don’t have to feel the stinging defeat year after year from the all powerful mommy bloggers. Eat that Pioneer Woman!

3. Where ever this place in Tulsa is
Holy !@it… After these pictures surfaced the only thing I wanted to do was take a cold shower and cry. There is no way anyone could walk into this mystery Tulsa establishment knowing Biker Fox got chub in sweaty tights somewhere around where you’re drinking and want to stay. I say burn the place to ashes.

2. Frontier City

Frontier City is kind of cool these days, even though no one goes there anymore”¦in fact I think it’s cool for exactly that reason. My memories of Frontier City were never good, well”¦I always remember being really excited about going to Frontier City and leaving hoping we never went again.

When I was a kid the place was always packed and my dad was too cheap to buy any food or cold water, also he wanted to “get his money’s worth” on that double park season pass so we all ended up staying for, like, 12 hours at a time. There is nothing fun about waiting in line for rides, drinking dirty/luke warm well water out of a rusted water fountain, watching amateur magicians for nothing more than getting out of the heat, sitting in a misting walk to avoid getting heat stroke, and checking all the arcade games for quarters so I could afford to pay Mortal Combat for 10 minutes.

1. Blazers Games

Ok, so it’s not technically a place, but the games will be no less abandoned. I remember going to Blazers games as a high school student when the coolest thing downtown was the Quiznos next to the Tinder Box Cigar shop where I bought my first tobacco pipe. My “crew” would catch a hockey game just before walking around the original MAPS construction and lighting firecrackers in the unfilled canal. The Blazers are the reason I became such a big Washington Capitals fan when I was in DC, and coach Sauter is the reason my facial hair is the way it is.

So please, a moment of silence for another staple of my childhood that’s been laid to rest next to the 89ers and Calvary”¦


  1. The Guthrie Boys Home is also a site for weddings now. Because, what better place to put your bachelorhood to death than a haunted mansion.

  2. Actually I knew 3 people that worked at Dell…that STILL work at Dell. But then again they’re all CS graduates (or almost graduates). They’ve told me of how a good portion of the staff got cut back a year ago.

    Of course in Norman I’d add “The Vista” to that considering who knows how much longer it’s going to last.

    Also for the Frontier City images I think the others in this pic could be runners up: http://quicksomeonefindmypants.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/must-be-this-tall-to-enjoy-these-pictures/

  3. oddly enough, this story is showing up in my Google Reader (via RSS), but not on the home page. same is going for the ‘Nightmare in Maysville’ story. this is either due to error, or the fact that the Maysville police chief saw the story about him on TLO, and then beat Clark Mathews to death while crying about it, unpublishing the stories afterward (while crying about it). it’s really a 50/50 toss-up.

  4. I went to the Guthrie Boys Home when I was a freshmen in high school. Let me just say me and my friends were “HIGH” on life that evening and went inside ignoring the signs that said ” NO TRESSPASSING! Violators Will Be Sent To Jail” Needless to say after many a Goonies reference we came around a corner to find a homeless man with a giant ZZ Top beard holding a shard of glass and a cut in half gallon milk carton. I assume we had intruded. After the screams of 5 little girls subsided we ran out and never went back. On a side note….our dry cleaning bills totaled $30 to clean our drawers.

  5. you wanna see abandoned? come check out this Indian school in Concho, OK. freakiest place you’ll ever go.

  6. I work in an office in Bricktown, and regularly have to wait for a table at Spaghetti Warehouse. Not to burst your comedy bubble or anything. Maybe there’s a difference between “abandoned,” and “Joey doesn’t go there anymore.” Just a thought.

  7. Funny you should ask about Enterprise Square, as I also am an Edmonite, and grew up right across the street. I wish that place was abandoned because it would make for some great photos! Remember the doughnut shop? or the Hall of animatronic dollar bills? or the amazing arcade game where you mowed the lawn? Clearly I spent way too much time at Enterprise Square. So back on topic, the last I heard, the entire building is used for storage for Oklahoma Christian, and most of the giant heads are gone, but a few remain in the hall and are rented out for high school proms… that part I’m kidding about, but they do rent out the animatronic money to sing at weddings…..

  8. Does anyone remember the old timey train at Frontier City? I think some of those Cowboys with the blank guns would rob it while you were riding. That was kind of cool. Unless there were a bunch of 12 year olds on the train. Then it was just obnoxious.

    They probably dont rob the train anymore.

  9. I’ll hate myself for this later, but I’m drunk, and wrong words piss me off. “Calvary” is the hill where Jesus died….I know this is the reddest damned state in the Union, but we had the “Cavalry.” Also, in Canada, there’s a place called “Calgary.” Yeah….

  10. I noticed that (and select other typos) the day after it posted. Decided not to change them and had a friendly wager with a friend to see if anyone would call me out on it. Someone owes me 5 dollars. Thanks!

  11. Did the city of Picher (population down from 16K to 0 as of June 29th) not qualify because you didn’t know about it, or do you consider it not abandoned?

  12. Hey Closet_Atheist….
    If you keep checking back at AbandonedOK.com, pitcher is coming up soon. We are doing a special feature on Pitcher Oklahoma later in September.

  13. Enterprise Square is owned by Oklahoma Christian now, but it id definitely not being used for storage. They have turned it into “The Academy of Leadership and Liberty” and is in the process of completely renovating the building. I believe someday it will be a student center/classrooms. While it was on hiatus a few years ago it was definitely a great place to explore (not gonna lie, I did it. Found a creepy room full of robots and cupcake wallpaper) But beware- there are sensored alarms in the Hall of Giants… you can find more info at http://www.oc.edu/academy

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