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Coffee Creek, Poor People and “informed” PR Folks…

On Monday, we were recipients of an email that was sent to a select group of Edmond civic leaders and the media. The email, which was pretty long, complained about a planned apartment complex that’s supposed to be built in the Coffee Creek neighborhood in Edmond. The gist of the email was that apartments bring poor people, poor people bring crime, and crime brings lower home values, and therefore, apartment complexes should not be built anywhere near a place like Coffee Creek.

As a former poor person and apartment dweller, I guess that makes sense. I know that if I lived in a comfy upper class neighborhood, I wouldn’t want a drunk 22-year-old Patrick and his stoned friends living in an apartment across the street from me. I would want other boring rich white people to be my neighbors.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about a follow up email we received later on that day.  It came from a PR professional trying to do some damage control.  It may the best email in Lost Ogle history…right behind the mean ones.  Here it is:


To clarify Coffee Creek resident Patrick Fuller’s mass email to media this morning, Touchmark at Coffee Creek is not affiliated with the PUD renewal request before Edmond Planning Commissioners.

The project is total a Turner & Co. project.

I represent Touchmark at Coffee Creek in media relations. http://touchmarkedmond.com/newscontact

If you have any further questions, I suggest you contact Bob Schiermeyer with the City of Edmond, Planning Department, to clarify Touchmark is not affiliated with the PUD application.


Carol Hartzog

Carol Hartzog Communications

Yep, Carol Hartzog, a PR person, sent an email to TheLostOgle.com. And she addressed it to Kelly.  Awesome.

Seriously, is that not the coolest thing ever?  We  probably should have had fun with it and asked her to drinks or to play laser tag with Kent and Kevin, but we didn’t. We just giggled and laughed that a communications and PR professional who seems to pose as a social media expert wasn’t aware of our site. We did this because we have big egos and are incredibly handsome. When you have that going for you, you can pretty much do whatever you want.


  1. “I wouldn’t a drunk 22-year-old Patrick and his stoned friends living in an apartment across the street from me.” – seems like there is a word missing here.

    other than that, hilarious. just think of all of the crazy email you could get at thelosttraber.com. makes me wonder who gets more nude pics sent to them, bob barry jr or gary england. i bet gary gets a lot just out of fandom, and i bet most of bob jr’s are solicited…

  2. Ah, TheLostTraber.com. When you log in, all you’d get is “404 Error Site Not Found.”

    Then it would redirect you to a car dealership.

  3. When I logged in to TheLostTraber.com it just berated me for playing soccer as a kid and then asked why I didn’t have a “lady” with me and demanded a hot beef sandwich. That site is a tool, man.

  4. So, if I understand this correctly, poor people will be punished and forced to live next to Boring rich people? The HORROR!

  5. Mea culpa.

    My apologies. Damage control on damage control. Sad. Such an error in salutation for a longtime former journalist is unacceptable. Again, my apologies, to LostOgle. And yes, custom twitter page is coming, once I get my company’s website updated. And yes, I was the managing editor of The Sun.

    I confess. Seriously.

  6. Apparently it’s okay for Edmondites to own shitty apartment complexes everywhere else in OKC, but heaven forbid they put one in their own backyard. Why, even dogs don’t shit where they sleep!

    “¦ and the rest of us are lower than dogs.

  7. Dear Lost Ogle,

    Wouldn’t you be surprised if Ms. Hartzog didn’t address you directly? You people have serious weight in this town. I’m sure she addressed you first, actually, before, perhaps, the Mayor of Edmond.

    Ms. Hartzog, besides being one of my exceptional entrepreneurial clients, is seriously connected in Edmond. She knows who to get information to first.

    Love you guys!

    Shelley Cadamy (I love hoho the clown.) http://www.thelostogle.com/2008/10/23/maybe-these-forty-under-40-lists-arent-such-a-good-idea/#more-1280)

  8. First off, Thelosttraber.com is funny and redundant. I got re-directed to a casino and web-site for fat-jack bath accessories.
    As for Coffee Creek,I’m sure they feel they’ve done their part because the Coffee Creek Riding Center bares the same name. But I would love to see the person(s) who qualifies for section 8 housing (the HUD version, not Cpl. Klinger from M*A*S*H) and can afford to drive to that far north. Someone needs to look into re-starting that petition to get these folks annexed into Guthrie.

  9. As the boring rich person who CC’d The Lost Ogle on the massive email (there will be much more to come after the hearing yesterday), I want to make sure a few items are very, very clear.

    First, the email was centered on two areas: First, the absolute gluttonous development in Edmond which has created a massive surplus of housing, which is helping to drive down demand and real estate prices. That is a major problem. And the supporting spreadsheets attached to the email benchmarked Edmond against Broken Arrow and Norman with respect to the Real State market, and showed just how much Edmond was falling behind the other two cities in terms of real estate value.

    Second, the apartment complex, whether section 8 or 42, will be built actually within the housing addition and surrounded on three of the four sides by single family homes.

    As someone who grew up dirt poor in Del City with family heavily involved in the trucking industry, I consider myself blue collar. My point of concern is that there are many people, like myself, who have worked our asses off to get where we are, and we don’t need the city extending special favors to their friends that will obliterate what I’ve worked for since college.

    I’m very, very sorry if anybody at the lost ogle got the wrong impression. I CC’d the Lost Ogle because i recognize he power that they yield (ego stroke, yes) in OKC similar to what the Daily Show does on a national scale.

    I apologize for any miscommunication around this point.

    • We are glad you emailed us. We love tips! That being said, I try to keep most posts under 500 words, so I couldn’t fully explain the situation. Please email us any updates, hopefully somone will call us Kevin.

  10. When I went to the losttraber.com, it tried to spit snuff juice on me and called me a sissy because I watched an OU womens basketball game once. It also told me I was a pathetic loser because I’d never played in the big leagues and then ran commercials for a casino, 4 car dealers, a satellite service and a massage parlor before disconnecting.

  11. See, you embarrassed the nice lady. You should be ashamed.
    Now when is thelosttraber web site going up. i can’t wait!

  12. This is so telling in todays society, or should I say lack thereof. Edmond for years has touted itself as ” the place to be”. So now that people want to develop in town limits for the people that actually work in Edmond, the stuck up population decries foul. I’ve got a great idea MOVE, wash the gritty sand out of your vagina, wipe your salty tears and get over it. This is exactly why people believe the majority of Edmondites are complete tools and…

  13. What is really fun about this entire topic, is that it pits property rights conservatives against property rights conservatives.

    Edmond, home of the Me-Me Property Rights crowd, has a development full of people who are angry because someone who owns property wants to economically develop it.

    I am sure more than one of the folks crying foul over this apartment complex coming in — and demanding that their government stop the use of this property is such a fashion by the owner — was also standing at a Health Care Town Hall screaming about socialism and demanding back Their America. You know, the America where government doesn’t tell you what to do with your private property.

    I prefer my self-interest undiluted by hypocrisy. That’s why I like Moore.

  14. @Lucid, @eliot.

    Actually, I’m a proud, registered Dem.

    But if you both think that protecting property value is solely a Republican mantra, I suggest you both pull your heads out of your asses. This isn’t a left / right issue. It’s about a law that is being bent to benefit a “friend” to the city with disregard to the constituents.

    Sort of like the former CEO of a company that became the VP and ended up overseeing massive no-bid government contracts awarded to his former company.

    The issue with this – since you both probably don’t know, and don’t care – is that the property in question was zoned for high density housing in 1996. That zoning classification expires 5 years after the date if no construction has started. 13 years later – nothing has been done. It expired 8 years ago, although the devloper broke the zoning classification himself by developing a portion of the land zoned for high density housing….by building single family homes.

    Now the developer wants an exception granted and the expired zoning classification extended so they can sell the land zoned for apartments, and as citizens, we’re fighting back.

    But you’re right – everyone in Edmond is a gun-toting, Obama-hating, Kern-loving, selfish tool, including the Democrats.

    You both are an uninformed embarrassment to the left. And your comments, especially Lucid’s, make Glen Beck seem intelligent.

  15. Sadly, no. He never made it out of Edmond. Something about an ordinance that stipulates there has to be a stoplight ever 400 ft.

    I just got a text, though – actually through the underground social media website EdmonDem (two members, but actively recruiting. Note to self – recruiting at paintball rallies not the best idea) – he ended up at an educational seminar on climate change that was held at a Baptist Church.

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