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Tulsa Tuesday ““ Detroit Shock Moves to Tulsa

Tulsa Shock

Rumor is Update:  It’s Official. Former TU men’s basketball coach Nolan Richardson has been named the coach and general manager of the Detroit Shock.  Tulsa is now home to their very own WNBA team. Tens of people in Detroit are distraught over the news.

Take that OKC Thunder!

While I’m not a sports fanatic, I was excited when my friend Juan told me WNBA stood for Women’s Naughty Basketball Association.  Turned out to be mistranslation.

Attendance for the WNBA is about 8,000 per game.  The BOK Center seats nearly 20,000.  Will this be a boon for Tulsa?  Probably not.  However, what the hell do I know?  I don’t watch sports.  I take pictures of QuikTrip food and make lists about Tulsa’s Sleaziest Shopping Centers.  This is Clark’s area.  All I know is if the OKC Thunder played Tulsa Shock, I’d attend that game.

So sports fan, open post time.  Please comment.  Where I am supposed to stand on this?


  1. I’m actually a little stoked. I assumed that Tulsa would get one of the worst WNBA teams (maybe buy Sacramento’s team to get Courtney Paris), but they actually got one of the best. I may even pay the $20 in tolls to go on the Turner to watch them play next Summer when I’m jonesing for basketball.

  2. Two things:
    1. WNBA in Tulsa is cool. If for no other reason than it is going to DRIVE Jim Traber CRAZY!!! hehehe. Also gives Sherri Coale something to inspire her mediocre players with. And you guys all still think she is sexy right? What’s not to love?

    2. I am happy to see an old buddy from school advertising with you, but I question the placement of the Orthopedic Surgery add next to the hot singles dating and America’s bar! WTF? Zane if you read this, pay Clark more so he will to move you to the top by Evans & Davis 😉

  3. Are any of the players hot? Like Whitney Hand who dates the ‘Stache and plays for the milf, Sherri Coale?

  4. Well, this is one of the best WNBA teams. Combined with the fact that the Thunder suck. Perhaps they could play a game against each other – might be an even matchup.

  5. This is an exciting addition for the greatest city in Oklahoma. I hear that there is no official name yet? What about the Tulsa Shockers? Or maybe the Tulsa a Slut (Tulsa spelled backwards)? Tulsa QT Taquitos? Tulsa Race Riot Rememberers? What do y’all think?

  6. @Durantula, with those name suggestions, Imus should come throw out the first ball . . . it’ll be a sellout.

  7. I’m surprised that Sally Kern hasn’t opposed this, given the number of players, coaches and fans in the WNBA who practice “alternate lifestyles.”
    I guess she’ll just block the doors to the arena before the first game.

  8. My alter-ego (Human Jim Traber) said that WNBA games are ‘lesbian festivals’…he said this on-air.

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