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Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (67)

The other day, I was stopped at a red light near Britton Rd and the Broadway Extension when a car pulled up next to me with this song blaring from its speakers.*  I looked over, and inside the car jammin’ to beats were Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry (picture) and OU beat writer David Ubben (picture).

The first thing I thought when I saw the little duo was “That’s nice that The Oklahoman beat reporters are such good friends.”  The second thing I thought was “Those guys sure are cute and cuddly.”  The third thing I thought was “I wonder if they stand on stools during interviews?”

Seriously, either Berry Tramel is a giant, or it looks like the Oklahoman became an 80’s sitcom and now only hires short black guys as beat reporters.  I think the last tiny white guy they hired was Andrew Gilman, and I think that was in 90s!  Who knows, maybe Scott Munn wants the place to himself, but we should probably have Jenni Carlson investigate this story.  That way, it will remain a mystery forever.  We love mysteries.

* There is a 99% chance that the set-up for this story is totally fabricated.


  1. I really just read “The patron saint of white running backs” in a news article. Maybe Jenni fancies herself the patron saint of female sports reporters.

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