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Some odd stuff about the Bicycle Bob killer”¦

jerry adams

The two people in the picture above are alleged Bicycle Bob murderer Conner Mason and former Oklahoma City news anchor Jerry Adams.

Conner Mason is known for this:

A finger cut off the hand of an Edmond homeless man the night he was beaten and stabbed to death has led police to arrest three people.

Connor Adam Mason, 19, of Edmond, was arrested Saturday on a murder complaint after an informant told police Mason said he had killed a homeless guy and had been planning to do so since May, according to a court affidavit.

So what does that have to do with former OKC media personality Jerry Adams?  The answer is after the jump.

From the usually reliable Ogle Mole network:


The guy who is now in jail, long-hair, beard, piercing eyes, for allegedly whacking Bicycle Bob in Edmond, is the grandson of former Channel 4 news anchor Jerry Adams.

For those who don’t know, Jerry Adams worked as a news anchor for just about every station in Oklahoma City during the 1980s and early 90s (clip 1, 2 & 3).  In 1987, he was even named OKC’s “Best News Anchor” in the Gazette’s Best of OKC.  Granted, Mark Shannon was also named best “Radio Personality” that very same year, so I guess the reliability of the 1987 rankings can be called into question.

When Jerry Adams got out of TV, he did what every former Oklahoma City TV personality does and started pitching cars.   Then things get a little weird.  According to Tulsa TV Memories, “he faced criminal charges related to prescription drugs” and “hit rock bottom.”  Today, I still think Jerry is pitching some product from a billboard on the Turner Turnpike outside of Tulsa.

Anyway, now that the little history lesson is over, let’s get to the point.  JERRY ADAMS (alleged) GRANDSON (allegedly) KILLED A HOMELESS MAN WITH A HAMMER!

That’s just weird.  The only thing that can make it weirder is if someone tortured a kitten.  Wait”¦that happened.

Also arrested on a complaint of being an accessory to murder after the fact and other complaints were Heather Irene Parker, 19, and Nikolas David Kerr, 19, both of Edmond”¦

Kerr was charged Oct. 26 with cruelty to an animal in an unrelated incident. He is accused of hitting a two-month-old kitten against the couch about 12 times and using a lighter to burn the kitten’s face and back, court records show.

When asked why he injured the animal, Kerr said, “’cause I’m a sociopath,” the records state.

I don’t know about you, but after all that I think I need a bubble bath, neti pot and a hug.  Or at least some whiskey.


  1. So, it looks like Edmond has a few more problems than college kids drinking and pizzerias putting up multicolored awnings. Edmond: A great place for bizarre murders.

  2. This is what happens when meth addicts can’t cook meth anymore. They become bum killing cat torturers. Now look what we’ve done.

  3. I’ve tried to find something humorous but, I just can’t make fun of a kitten being murdered… oh and the BOB deal is bad as well. It just goes to show the REAL freaks live North of OKC. What’s wrong with a simple stabbing or shooting at least the low brow side of town knows how to murder respectfully.

  4. Edmond’s murder rate lower than Nichols Hills?

    Nichols Hills will never catch up to Edmond’s murder rate
    when you include a certain post office “incident”.

  5. I went to Edmond Memorial with Connor Mason and Heather Parker and actually dated Connor, at one point. When I knew him, he was nothing like this. But to some degree, I’m not shocked in the least to see that he could do this kind of evil. In retrospect, a lot of the way he acted when we were 14 and 15 all make sense now.

  6. Yeah the picture WAS of another guy. Apparently the police investigated, arrested, got another mentally unstable homeless guy to “confess”, DA Charged him, then dropped the case and let the guy go a few DAYS after the new information came to light.

    But it was only a homeless person, so really who cares his rights were violated, right?

  7. The homeless guy might have been okay with his rights violation. It was a few extra days with a bed and three square meals…and it has been really cold. My initial assumption was that the guy confessed specifically for that reason.

    Just saying.

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