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Fear the beaver…


Sometimes, these stories just write themselves. From NewsOK:

DURANT “” The head of a 60-pound beaver that attacked a Bryan County child has been sent to Oklahoma City for rabies testing, authorities in Durant said.

The 5-year-old boy was attacked Saturday at the family’s home, said Lt. Carrie Wyrick, Durant Police Department spokeswoman. The family lives in an apartment complex in a heavily wooded area with a stream nearby”¦

Wyrick did not identify the boy because it is against the department’s juvenile policy to do so. He was attacked after he and a sibling went outside to get the family cat, and he tried to pet the beaver”¦

Wyrick said after the attack the child’s stepfather got a crowbar or lug wrench out of his pickup and killed the beaver. The man was told by hospital personnel to cut off the beaver’s head and keep it on ice. The stepfather took the beaver’s head to a Durant veterinarian, who sent it to Oklahoma City, Wyrick said.

I’ll tell you what, if I had a young son I would make him read this story so he could learn about the dangers of petting large beavers. Seriously, those things are dangerous. One time Clark Matthews and I stumbled across a large beaver after leaving Hawaiian Don’s on a Saturday night. We tried to beat it with a crowbar but it ran back inside the bar. What a crazy beaver that was! I think its name was Sally.


  1. Speaking of Hawaiian Don’s… I heard from a very reliable source is was owned by Mick Cornett’s brother…is there any truth to that?

  2. Well, now you aren’t even making it challenging.

    60 pound beaver, must be that big Kardashian girl.

    Insert rimshot here.

  3. “The family lives in an apartment complex in a heavily wooded area with a stream nearby”¦”

    That’s really “country living in the city”, like so many apartment complexes in okc deceptively advertise.

  4. I feel the father, or step-father or mom’s live-in should have been more instructional on how to pet the beaver. Wait, I forget this is DOO RANT, all you need there is a bottle of Ripple and a pack of Newports.
    It’s DOO RANT or so I’ve been corrected.

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