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Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (69)

Today is a Saturday, but it doesn’t feel like a Saturday.  I guess you can say it feels like the day after Christmas, but even that isn’t a very accurate statement.  Like a bunch of people, I had to spend Christmas Eve alone at my house with my dog.  We had pork loin and Rice-A-Roni for dinner, watched Blood Diamond, and the finished the last two episodes from the first season of 24.   Not exactly the typical Christmas Eve type of stuff.

Anyway, I was thinking about posting a Christmasy song today, but screw it…lets go un-Christmas.  This one should do the trick.


  1. A: I’ve never hear of “Snow”, and what I did hear sounded like a crappier Vanilla Ice, yet with rhythm. B: Dancing does happen during the holiday season, regardless of what anyone says, so this vid was not to inappropriate for the time frame. C: I still find S.G. overrated. Well it is!!!

  2. ooohhh i have one! “woo ha! Got You All in Check” by busta rhymes. my personal fave-the remix with ODB where he’s talking about having wet dreams about jody watley. classic.

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