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Saturday Morning 1990’s Music Video (71)

Okay, I have some confessions:

Confession 1: We sent out a tweet last night seeking requests for this morning’s video.  This person wins.

Confession 2: When I was a confused teenager who didn’t know any better, this was my favorite song/band/album during the mid-1990s.

Confession 3: A lot “” and I mean a lot “” of people in the local news media smile like the characters in this video.

Confession 4: You will never hear this song on “The Lost Years with The Lost Ogle” radio show that airs every Wednesday night at 8:00pm on 105.3 the Spy.

Confession 5: Yeah, that was a plug.


  1. You act as though your embarrassed to admit liking this song. The song at the time was great and I still like it to some degree I’ve just heard it 11,362 times in my life so it’s not the same anymore. Now as far as the band Soundgarden is still one of my top 10 bands of all time. Damn I love me some grunge.

  2. My man, as much as I respect you (like in a man-women relationship, you of course having the vag.)…. you have officially gone off the tracks, if your rippin’ on anything cornell has ever done. I saw him in PHILLY last year and am pretty sure he grew angel wings during the concert. Get off the pipe!

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