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Jennifer Pierce looks fun…

Jennifer Pierce is a news anchor/reporter for KWTV Channel 9 in Oklahoma City. Jennifer Pierce likes little smokies.  Jennifer Pierce looks fun.

I don’t know too much about Jennifer Pierce the news reporter, but Jennifer Pierce the hot chick seems pretty damn cool.  Know what makes her cooler?  We’ve heard she has an elegant and classy tramp stamp tattoo on the lower part of her back.  That’s f*cking awesome!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that sound you just heard was either Jennifer skyrocketing up the list of the 2010 edition of the “20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media” or just Dean Blevins jumping up from his desk to see if Jennifer wants to go to lunch.  Regardless, we’re going to start counting down the 2010 rankings next week.  Where will Jennifer land?  You’ll just have to come to this site to find out!*

* What a great teaser, huh?  Now you pretty much have to come back here next week.  That is, of course, unless you’re a homosexual male.  Then you probably don’t want to come back, unless you’re going to read Chad’s “Friday Night in the Big Town.” We’ve heard that feature has a really large gay following.


  1. She’s got three kids…. so I think that puts her in the MILF Division… where she would face a tough battle with Ali Meyer.

  2. How can you not approve of an anchorwoman who enjoys weenies -er sorry “little smokies” with such enthusiasm?!

    Sir you simply cannot.

  3. There is nothing hotter than chicks simulating licking in a group ahhhhh….. I mean goofy and cute. Who am I kidding, I’m a bowl of ice cream ladies, lap me up like a dog on a hot day! giggity

  4. Is somenoe gonig to make sure the child doesn’t burn his/her hands between all the oral fixation pics?

    DHS wants to know….

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