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Tulsa Tuesday ““ Gay-Friendly Book Not Banned at Union

The parents of a child at Union Elementary School wanted to ban a children’s book because it alluded to a same-sex couple.

Buster’s Sugartime, a book from the PBS children’s show Postcards from Buster, implied that a lesbian couple with a child is normal.  In Oklahoma, like Iraq, homosexuality doesn’t exist.

Buster; the cousin of Arthur, an appropriate heterosexual children’s series character; visited Vermont to learn how maple syrup is made.  He discovered syrup isn’t made from scissoring.

The book never mentioned the words “gay,” “lesbian,” or “homosexual.”  Here’s how it covered the subject:

Buster went to visit his mom’s friends Karen and Gillian.  They had three children”¦

Lily’s moms, Tracy and Gina, were good cooks.

The couples are not the central theme of the story. Buster’s travels are the theme.

What are parents worried about?  That the children will see the book, develop some form of gay hysteria, infect their home and slowly watch the family dissolve as the PTA turns into a homosexual gangbang?

The school board voted 3-1 to keep the book.

If they want to ban a book, I recommend the dictionary.  The word “rape” is in there.


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  1. I don’t know what the problem is. I am a heterosexual because I didn’t realize homosexuals existed until it was too late. Isn’t that how it works?

    Heh heh… scissoring.

  2. “Busters Sugartime” sounds pretty suggestive. Just how are Karen and Gillian involved? Quick, to the Kern Cave.

  3. Maybe the ‘moms’ have a dad around there somewhere? How do you address your father’s other wives if you’re Mormon? Would you call them ‘mom’ also?

    The only people taking issue with this are closet-kweer homophobes.

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