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Stuff Oklahomans Like: Upside Down Longhorn Stickers

Hate is a strong word, but when it comes to the rivalry between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas, it is the only word that fits.

Most Oklahomans would like for everyone to believe that it is the entire state of Texas they hate.  Nothing comes from Texas but “steers and queers” (and God knows Oklahomans hate those things), they might say.  But total disdain for our neighbors to the South is a myth.

For instance, a quick rundown of the apple of Oklahoma’s eye, the OU Football roster, shows that Oklahomans actually have quite an affinity for Texans”¦just so long as they can tackle and are willing to don the Crimson and Cream.

Take Minnesota Vikings superstar and Sooner legend Adrian Peterson as an example.  “A.D.”, as he affectionately referred to by the apparently illiterate Sooner Nation, grew up in Palestine, TX and is a god in Oklahoma to this day.  An Oklahoma high school star that would leave the state to play for the Longhorns (or “Longwhores” or “Shorthorns” in these parts), on the other hand, would be dead to this state.

The reason for all the hatred is simple.  UT is the most consistent rival to OU’s dominance of the Big XII South, and the most likely team to trip them up in their yearly quest for a mythical national championship.  This is despite what all Oklahomans agree is a superior program in Norman.  So, why does Texas even have a chance?


It is that simple.  The University of Texas is the alpha dog of college choices in their state:  A state that happens to have one of the largest and most competitive high school football associations in the nation.  Longhorn coach Mack Brown seemingly gets his pick of all the blue chip recruits the state has to offer, and the castoffs are then fought for like bridesmaids over the wedding bouquet by the rest of the nation (including the Sooners).  While most programs are starting to get a few verbal commitments from fringe prospects who fear another offer might not come, UT usually has completed their recruiting for the year and boasting a class of five-star rated football players.

How do the Longhorns dominate so much?  Some of it is the luck of their location, but most of it is money.  The school has so much wealth that it can create facilities that wow young men and if that is not enough, they have money left over to wow them in other ways.

And Oklahomans hate them for that so much that we donate money to the cause.

There are two things that every Sooner fan must have on their car to prove their allegiance to the school (despite most of them never having attended a class in Norman):  An OU flag and a Longhorn sticker attached to the car upside down.  Oh, snap, does that tick off Texas fans.  In fact, every time they see that sign of disrespect they see green.

I know what most readers are thinking:  “Didn’t I mean red?  You flash red when you’re angry, right?”  While that is true, I meant green, because every one of those emblems sold grosses a fresh George Washington dollar to the university in Austin.  It is part of the trademark agreement for just about all NCAA schools.

What happens is that the Sooner fans get angry because the Longhorns dominate their school in head-to-head recruiting because of the monetary advantage.  To vent their anger, they purchase a trademarked UT icon and display it in a disrespectful fashion, in essence making a donation to their hated rival.  The University of Texas then takes that money, improves their facilities and impresses the next kid that OU wanted.  It’s a vicious cycle.

A cycle so vicious that I, as a fan of Oklahoma State University, wishes that Sooner fans hated my school enough to purchase more Pistol Pete stickers.


  1. Funny the timing of such a jab at the Sooner Nation comes the night after the Longhorns spank your beloved Cowboys at home. The hatred OU fans have for Texas is nowhere close to what OSU fans have towards OU, this write up just proves it. Nice way to represent about 10% of the Sooner fans with your bitter OSU judgements. What’s even more funny is switch Texas with OU and OSU with OU in your write up, and the same shoe fits…

  2. Thanks for noticing what all no college goers didn’t have a clue about. I personally appreciate all OU fans lack of knowledge and support!!!

  3. “Adrian Lewis Peterson (born March 21, 1985 in Palestine, Texas), nicknamed “A.D.”(for “All Day”)…”

    It’s the FIRST SENTENCE of his Wikipedia entry.

    You were saying something about illiteracy?

  4. Wow! Here we go with the aggie name calling. Saying that most Sooner fans didn’t take a class in Norman. I am an alumnus of OU (1990,) a season ticket holder since 1995, and I could care less if a fan went to my alma mater or not. I’m just glad they prefer us over baby puke orange and the d.o.d. shade of it they wear at OSU. I guess every poke fan went to school in Stillwater? Anyway, I must agree on one thing though, it irritates the crap out of me when I see the longhorn logo on a Sooner fan’s vehicle, simply for the reason you stated. Why would any good Sooner fan (whether you went to OU, or not) give UT one cent of OUr money in royalties for the use of their logo? Stop it! Also, the upside down horns hand sign is only appropriate during UT game week, NO OTHER TIME!

  5. Dude, my wife is an okie stater and she calls him AD. A whole lot of people in the local and national news media call him AD. The nickname is hardly fictional.

  6. I’m glad someone finally wrote about this, I find it funny everytime I see one of those upside down stickers. I’m sure most of those fans who buy those don’t even realize they are funding UT. As an OSU fan I would never buy an OU sticker just to put it on my car upside down.

  7. When I moved here from Austin in ’99 and saw all the upside-down Longhorn stickers, it stuck me as rather ironic as well.

    On a related note, how about the downward-facing “Hook’em Horns” hand signal displayed by OU fans…even when playing teams other than UT? How does “Boo Texas” = “Beat Kansas”?

  8. I never have bought and never will buy a texas* sticker. I have always wondered why people do that. As far as the upside-down hand sign, I do it for OU-texas* week, but that is all. That is, unless there is a horn fan near me. When asked about OU’s hand sign, I do one of two things. I either say we are not a gang, so we don’t need a hand sign, or I tell them our hand sign is the index finger “#1” sign.

  9. True story: Guy I know with an IQ of about 180, top 10 chess player in the US, perfect grades, etc. came up to me frustrated because he wasn’t able to find the upside-down longhorns sticker. The look on his face was priceless when I told him he just had to get creative with a regular sticker.

  10. Thank you TLO! My friends and I have been saying this for years! They hate Texas so much yet support them and purchase their products? Ridiculous. I live in Austin and I have never seen an upside down OU sign on a car and I feel that’s because everyone except OU fans knows how absurd buying the other team’s products to “spite” them is. Also, with the nickname thing, I have asked people what it meant because it didn’t make sense to me (I thought it should be AP) and many people told me it was for AD(rian) so you’re not too far off on the illiteracy thing. Maybe people do call him All Day, but a good chunk of the Sooner Nation doesn’t know it.

  11. “The reason for all the hatred is simple. UT is the most consistent rival to OU’s dominance of the Big XII South”

    I disagree. OU fans hated Texas before the Big 12. They hated Texas when both teams stunk in the ’90s. The reason for all the hatred is proximity and history. The conference intrigue just makes it all the more interesting.

  12. As an OU fan upside Texas stickers always make me feel shame akin to a BCS bowl loss or a mentioning of the 1988 defeat to KU in the National Championship game.

  13. Pssshh, you buy an unofficial, unlicensed, bootleg sticker that doesn’t give them any revenue.

    If you’re into that kind of thing, that is.

    • In defense of Clark Matthews, this post was written way before last night’s OSU defeat.

      In non-defense, and as soemone else mentioned, Texas has always been OU’s primary rival. This dates way back before they were in the same conference. And Peterson’s nickname stands for “All Day”…not his initials. Then again, Clark bleeds neon orange and black, so I can forgive him for not being totally up-to-date on Sooner information.

  14. I grew up in Texas and hated UT…but I had no idea OU-Texas was that big of a rivalry (other than playing the annual game) until I moved here. Even now, I never hear people talk about hating OU

    The fact that they weren’t in the same conference for nearly 100 years makes it even more strange. The ‘horns down’ at non-UT games goes even further, but the ‘horns down’ at non-sporting events, like wedding photos, puts it over the top. Why give your rival so much attention?

  15. Clearly an article written out of aggie jealousy.
    I never understand the whole “your fans didn’t go to your school” thing, I would be willing to bet Mike Holder would love about 50,000 fans who did not attend OSU show up on saturday’s in the fall to fill that stadium. I’m pretty sure every school would not turn down that. Especially Texas, a school in which at least 50% of the people who buy their memorabilia are illegal immigrants anyway.

  16. @Marshall
    So us aggies are jealous of you sooners because you send money to your rival buying their licensed stickers and slapping them on your car upside down?

  17. Your jealous of our athletic prowess, but this article was meant to attack OU in whatever way possible. Which is why I said “written out of jealousy,” not because of jealousy of the sticker thing.

  18. Dont know why OSU fans would be jealous of OU’s athletic prowess when OSU has 49 NCAA team championships to OU’s 25. I know, I know, football IS athletics. Or something like that.

  19. I know some Texas fans that laugh at the upside down longhorn stickers because most of them put money in their coffers. However, if you put an upside down logo of your rival on your vehicle you should have to also put a big capital “L” on your forehead.

  20. The upside down Longhorn stickers are stupid. It benefits OU’s biggest rival where it matters most — the pocketbook.

    OSU fans are insanely jealous of OU’s athletic success. You can brag all you want about team championships, but I would wager you’ve likely never been to an OSU golf tournament and rarely attend a wrestling match. No one cares about golf and only a few weird people care about wrestling. OSU has five championships in other sports, and none in any sport anyone cares about in the past 50 years.

    So yes, OU fans who put upside down Longhorn stickers on their cars are stupid. And OSU fans will always have an inferiority complex because they are an afterthought in the state.

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