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KFOR is FAILilicious…

Last September, KFOR came up with a crazy idea called Blogilicious. Essentially, it was a blogging community where KFOR personalities and viewers could interact.  Here’s what I wrote when they first released it:

Want to learn about Bob Barry Jr.’s fascination with peanut butter, check out blogilicious.  Want to know about aliens abducting Kevin Ogle’s wife, check out Blogalicious.  Want to learn about Linda Cavanaugh’s favorite cuss words, don’t check out blogilicious…

Anyway, I’m not too sure about Blogilicious.  It’s just weird.  So far, the only valuable thing I’ve learned from the site is that Joleen Chaney enjoys taking candid photos of Bobbie Miller.  That makes me think that the people at Channel 4 are just now f*cking with us.  Seriously, next week they’ll probably have Bobbie and Joleen sample new bubble bath fragrances inside an abandoned Italian villa, but then cut to a commercial right after they light some candles and get in the tub and decide to play a casual game of truth or dare.

Well, I guess I was right.  It looks like Channel 4 really was just f*cking with us!

I say that because it’s the nicest way to explain why this odd web experiment has failed.  When Blogilicious was first launched, you would have thought that KFOR had just invented ice cream.  Everything was blogilicious blogilicious blogilicious.  They heavily promoted it, the anchors were using it, and then, well, nothing.

Now if you now visit the site, you’ll discover it’s a ghost town. Chellie Mills did write a post a few weeks ago, but other than that, it’s a dated collection of Carson Cunningham Week 2 college football power rankings and KFOR viewers letting us know that the town of Snyder was without water.  I think Abandoned OK has Blogilicious on its list of places to visit.

Anyway, it’s a shame that KFOR had to go through all this trouble just to mess with us.  Maybe next time they’ll try a simpler approach.  You know, like pretend that Joleen Chaney and Bobbie Miller want to interview us or something while wearing pink bikinis.  That would be cool.


  1. Sounds like it is time for all the folks at NewsChannel4 to start doing sweeps profiles on each other . . . they can start with a follow-on story on their cyborg ten o’clock anchor, Linda Cavanaugh.

  2. That lasted about one week. Pathetic. They asked viewers to respond to their questions and then never replied back. It made me feel so…violated.

    They should never, ever break that personal barrier again, just like Lance West should never again drink out of Ali Meyers’ poop water in the toilet as he did to demonstrate the efficiency of “Water Is Life” filter-straws being sent to Haiti. Hell, look how sick he got recently. Straw doesn’t work, my friend.

  3. @patrick you are currently the f***ing man. I especially like the part about the candles… maybe unknowingly, you just filled the spank bank for just about every male that browses the TLO. Maybe even some gays…. ooooooooh, maybe even some females.HELL to the YES…..Nicccccccccce.

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