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Ogle Madness III: West Region, Sweet 16

Well, today’s games mark the end of the Ogle Madness III Sweet 16.  Here are the match-ups:

(1) Carrie Underwood vs. (5) The Thunder Girls
(2) Mayor Mick vs. (6) Jesse Jane

You’re in fine company, Mr. Mayor.  Very fine company.  Vote after the jump.

(1) Carrie Underwood vs. (5) The Thunder Girls

About Carrie Underwood:

Last Game: Defeated Chera Kimiko 358 ““ 139

Conference: Hot Country Singers

Who she is: American Idol Winner and Country Music Superstars

Biggest Strength: Her ring and her hair (according to Patrick’s sister-in-law)

Biggest Weakness: She whines in all of her songs (according to Patrick’s sister-in-law)

About the Thunder Girls:

Last Game: Defeated Bob Stoops 269 – 228

Conference: NBA Dancers

Who they are: Dance Team for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Strength: Looking Pretty.

Biggest Weakness: Dancing.

(1) Carrie Underwood vs. (5) The Thunder Girls

  • (1) Carrie Underwood (62%, 303 Votes)
  • (5) The Thunder Girls (38%, 187 Votes)

Total Voters: 489

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(2) Mayor Mick vs. (6) Jesse Jane

About Mayor Mick:

Last Game: Defeated Regular Jim Traber 355 ““ 136

Conference: Mayoral Demigods

Who he is: The man behind Oklahoma City now being “Big League”

Biggest Strength: Long term planning/Vision

Biggest Weakness: Blowing out chump competition

About Jesse Jane:

Last Game: Defeated Kelly Ogle 343 ““ 169

Conference: Flesh

Who she is: Porn Star

Biggest Strength: Hot fans.

Biggest Weakness: Uhm”¦her acting skills.

(2) Mayor Mick vs. (6) Jesse Jane

  • (6) Jesse Jane (52%, 258 Votes)
  • (2) Mayor Mick (48%, 236 Votes)

Total Voters: 493

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  1. I voted for the Thunder Girls over Carrie Underwood. I mean, sure, Carrie’s way hotter than any of the Thunder Girls, but since there’s like twenty of them and only one Carrie, I figure I have a way better shot of scoring with any of them than I ever do with Carrie.

    Voted for Mayor Mick; same reason.

  2. Wouldn’t call a blow out losing by a few tousand votes to a name candidite, mr big league who really just was in the right place at the right time and snared the glory of the work done by those with the vision that came before, that had fully manned centers working overtime phoning republicans to get out the vote, and his “chump” opponent did nothing.
    Don’t take it out on Steve Hunt beacuse you all are too lazy and narcisistic to be informed.
    cornett’s a pussy.

    • To clarify, you may notice that “Blowing Out Chump Competition” was listed as a weakness. That implies that he didn’t do a good job “blowing out” Steve Hunt. Make sense, Steve?

    • Lol, what an idiot. Figures. Steve Hunt’s little followers can’t read or understand what they are talking about while writing.

    • …but he’s a pussy who can form a coherent thought. That gets him a few votes at least.

  3. Oooh. Girl on Girls lol. Nice!

    Jesse Jane is lucky to have gotten this far. She’ll probably beat Mayor Mick but she won’t last long in the finals.

  4. Poor reading comprehension on my part but I do have a nasty head cold.
    Never met the guy, just think tlo is harsh on a guy who riles the oligarchs that rule OKC like their personal fiefdom. And cornett is definately a pussy that does their bidding like a little lap dog. But hey he’s your hero. You know his hero is that weasel Newt. I voted for the plastic boobs.

  5. I just wanted to add this little tidbit. Mary fallin, false teeth much? Maybe that is how you get to the top, have you teeth removed and go down. Not going to lie, I’m a little intrigued…

  6. If Mayor Mick doesn’t win, it just goes to show how insecure a majority of the male voters are. If your using your brain then Mayor Mick wins hand’s down.

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