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Page 3: 12 Other Questions Dez Bryant Was Asked

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the leading contender for the Dumbest Question of the Year Award. During player evaluations before the NFL Draft, in a meeting with Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland, former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant was asked if he mother was or still is a prostitute.

Now wait a minute.

The reasons for asking this question are unclear. Of course my first thought is, “Is Mrs. Ireland not putting out, Jeff?” My second thought is, “Why is the eff would you ask such a thing?”

Dez Bryant’s response was a good one. He told Michael Silver of Yahoo!: “”No, my mom is not a prostitute,” said Bryant, whose background ““ including his mother’s lifestyle and past legal troubles ““ was under great scrutiny prior to the draft. “I got mad ““ really mad ““ but I didn’t show it.”

Everyone knows that NFL scouts and GMs ask ridiculous questions in trying to settle their pick. Gerald McCoy was asked if he preferred playing in a G-String or a jock strap. Besides the fact that I just threw up in my mouth, I think I speak the obvious when I say, what does that have to do with getting in the backfield and stopping a running back?

So how about 10 more questions that may or may not have been asked to Dez, who went 24th to the Dallas Cowboys.

1. So Dez, I understand you mother is NOT a prostitute. That just means I don’t have to pay, amiriteorwhat?

2. Does she hand feed you fried chicken after football games?

3. You famously got suspended for most of your last season at Oklahoma State. Instead of asking something logical like, “Do you regret lying to NCAA investigators?” I’m going with Home Depot or Lowe’s?

4. What would you say the odds are of you taking a cell phone picture of yourself naked that will eventually be broadcast to the world, causing you, your family and your team incredible embarrassment?

5. I’m a quarterback. I’m about to throw you the ball. Are you gonna catch it?

6. Is your mom a prostitute? Oh wait, that’s already been asked. Nevermind.

7. You’re fast. You’re strong. You’ve got great hands. When you eat at Red Lobster, what are you ordering?

8. The NCAA really screwed you over. I know that’s not a question, but dang.

9. If you don’t get suspended and Zac Robinson doesn’t get hurt and Kendall Hunter is totally healthy and the defense steps up and makes a few plays and Mike Gundy calls a few better plays and everything goes absolutely perfect, you guys win a national championship last year, right? My OSU friend told me to ask that.

10. What do these four names have in common: Hart Lee Dykes. Rashaun Woods. Adarius Bowman. Dez Bryant.

11. Do you think you could flex your pecs for me?

12. So at least tell me, what’s your mom doing later tonight?


  1. Who is asking these questions, Jiminy Glick?

    In all seriousness though, these questions, while stupid and offensive, are similar to questions I get asked when I get into a job interview. While applying for software development positions, I have been asked “Why are manhole covers round” or “How would you weigh a jet airplane”. Some have real answers, some are no-wrong answer questions. But they’re all there so the interview can see how you think and approach a problem

    Since football players are highly aggressive and play in a competitive sport with other highly aggressive people, I would say this question was asked to see how we would respond to be asked such an offending question. Will he freak out and have some sort of episode? Or handle it cooly?

    P.S.> In current times, I think Question #4 should actually be used.

  2. Are you saying that an interviewer asking, Why are manholes round?” is the same as asking if your mom is a hooker? Come on now. One question has to do with IQ while the other is offensive, bigoted, and has nothing to do with whether he can play football. Id kind of like to see that GM punished somehow for asking that.

    Ive read that the manhole question is one they ask all interviewees at google, but apparently at other places too. And for those wondering, its so it cant fall down the hole, any other shape could

    • I didn’t say “was your mom a hooker” was a good example of this kind of questioning. I think it was in poor taste to ask that question.

      I’m more over answering Royce’s question.

      “The reasons for asking this question are unclear…I think I speak the obvious when I say, what does that have to do with getting in the backfield and stopping a running back?”

      I think he picked a HORRIBLE question to pursue this experiment with, but the reasons behind the question and others like it is not a racial thing nor is it meant to be a hate crime/insult. It’s meant to be an “in your face” personal question that interviewers and fans may ask given the chance, to see how he would handle it. I doubt however any fan or reporter who values their life or career would ever ask that question.

      • Call me crazy, but when someone is about to commit to a multi-year, many milllion dollar contract, not to mention take on the responsibility of representing someone as a face of their organization in the media, I think it is quite appropriate to find out if that person (or someone very close to them) might have some involvement with illegal activity, or at the very least, unsavory enemies that might do them harm?

        I would think it is ABSOLUTELY Sam Presti’s job to know if a potential star athelete of his organization has family involved in crime. Now, I’m sure there is a more polite way to inquire, but still, I think the information IS valid.

  3. The correct answer to this question is, “Why, is yours afraid of the competition?”

  4. I’m thinking this shows some growth in character for Mr. Bryant. He blew up his collegiate career by not thinking and lying to the NCAA about something that wasn’t against the rules. But he *didn’t* put Jeff Ireland up against a wall and ask him to repeat himself through a mouth of broken teeth.

    Here’s hoping he gets the chance to face the Dolphins in a Super Bowl, burn them for a million yards, score the winning TD and give Ireland a game ball.

  5. Dez could have asked Ireland if he felt like a failure because his football experience is being a kicker for Baylor? Or if he was proud of being a scout for a 1-15 Dolphins team?

    I don’t find anything about the question particularly racist, but this kind of crap is what’s annoying about the NFL Draft. Another front office prick treating the draft process like it’s a Law & Order interrogation, quit pretending like making a decent pick is the same as playing God.

    What buttons are you pushing by asking a kid a question that he already knows?

  6. If my dad was a pimp and my mom worked for him, seems like a fair question, but probably more open ended question asked. Little more tact. If I’m spending 20 million dollars on a 22 year old kid, I want to know his entire history.

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