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Help us write our ultimate ad for Jim Traber’s BaseballReference.com page”¦

For the past year or so, The Lost Ogle has been the proud sponsor of the Jim Traber stats page at BaseballReference.com. The original ad only cost us $10 for the entire year.  Here it is:

This is the best $10 ever spent! Read all about Jim Traber (and the more popular Cardboard Jim Traber) at TheLostOgle.com. While you’re there, you can even play the Jim Traber Drinking Game! Don’t be a yardbird, visit today.

Even though we’ve only received a handful of site visits as a result of the ad, we decided to renew it!  We’ve done this for a couple of reasons.

  1. It has to irritate Jim Traber that we are sponsors of his stats page.  Especially when you consider he is probably the only person visiting it.
  2. The price lowered to $5 a year.  Seriously.

Well, since we are now the proud sponsors of Jim Traber’s pathetic stats for another 12-months, we figured it was time to update our ad.   And we want your help in getting it done!

Over the next week, leave your suggestion (or suggestions) for our ad.  The suggestion we like the most (a.k.a. funniest) will be determined the winner, with the winning author receiving a $50 Gift Card to Iguana Mexican Grill.

Here are the rules:

“¢ Contest runs from today through Sunday, May 22nd.

“¢ The ad must be 255 characters or less and meet BaseballReference.com guidelines.

“¢ Entries can be submitted either through email or by placing a comment.

Well, I think that’s pretty simple.  Good luck!


  1. Thanks for giving me something to do at work this morning:

    An ad for $5 a year; that’s $1 per year of stats! For more details about Jim Traber go to TheLostOgle.com. You can see things like: the Jim Traber Drinking Game, how Jim Traber breaks in a glove, and finally the assumed identity of Jim Traber’s ex-wife.

  2. The ultimate authority on breaking in gloves, cooking with cheesecloth, bitter divorces and starting Twitter fights with athletes, bloggers and journalists. Oh, and bum rushing Japanese pitchers.

  3. Traber, James Joeseph:

    Late Eighties DH/Bench Warmer (BW) for the Orioles. Among his career achievements:

    Was the first person to try to take off his spikes and stab an opponent with them.

    Lied to the Warren commission on baseball gambling about his weight.

    Demanded to be compensated for his digital likeness to appear on the bench in R.B.I Baseball 2 for the Nintendo.

    Drank beer in his undies with Cal Ripken Jr.

    Wrote a dirty word on Billy Ripken’s bat, leading to the disastrous “Fleer Card Incident of ’88.”

  4. Stats can’t fully describe Jim Traber, you have to consider intangibles. Intangibles such as berating pro athletes about the weather (Nick Collison), inspiring Cardboard Jim, bullying people and yelling on the radio. See The Lost Ogle for more.

  5. The greatest fat American to pose as a baseball player & get kicked in the head in Japan.

  6. “Were you looking for the Cardboard Jim Traber, and ended up here on accident? Click here to get the latest stats on Cardboard Jim Traber, as well scope at hot girls, funny articles, and other things this Jim Traber is unable to provide.”

  7. He has been shaping the minds of America’s youth and giving it up to himself since 1961. And is extremly jealous of Cardboard Jim Traber.

  8. Who knew Traber had five steals in his career!? Five! Was there a one-armed catcher once upon a time that I didn’t ever hear about?
    Thank you Lost Ogle for increasing the “useless-facts-I-now-know” section of my brain.

  9. Jim Traber professionally warmed benches in the 1980s. Now he rants on sports radio and Canadian TV about his ex wife, but also finds time to be wrong about basketball and berate people. He is a living Bukowski poem.

  10. A living legend in his own mind; proof that you can survive a rectal-cranial inversion after you have a charisma by-pass. A true demonstration of the attraction of the Great State of Oklahoma for idiots who can only put other people down unless it’s his spooning partner, Al “The Dart Goalie” Esbech.

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