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Hot Guy a Day in the Month After May: Ken Raymond

Ken Raymond is a hot news reporter for The Oklahoman.  I assume he’s hot because his journey is always being featured on the front of NewsOK.com, and for the most part, only hot people get things like that featured on a website.

I would write more about his whimsical journey, but unfortunately I’ve never read it.  You see, I don’t read those silly features at NewsOK.com, because they are usually stupid or very sad. Except for this one though.  It was pretty cool.

Anyway, if you want to follow Ken Raymond on his whimsical voyage or journey or whatever, click here.  Judging from the picture above, it probably has something to do with hunting truffles or eating cake or his search for really big shoes.  Who wouldn’t want to read about that?


  1. Seriously, Patrick? I mean, really?

    The overlapping section of the venn diagram of men we think are hot is completely blank except for a sign that says “call Gina Wexler with Century 21 today.”

  2. I agree with Marisa Patrick–ENUFF already!!!! I suffered through May with (barely) a complaint about the barrage of boobies every morning, and now you are still taunting your female readership (which I guess only consists of Marisa, myself and Silvergirl….) with this mockery of male hotness.

    Show some beefcake or shut up about it!

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