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Friday Night in the Big Town: Chocolate Chip Pancakes Edition

Happy Friday, gentle readers.  June is here and this weekend promises to be fantastic, except for maybe the hella heat.  Mainly this weekend is going to be great because for the first time in about eight million years, I’m going to sleep in on Saturday.  I don’t really even care what goes down this weekend so long as I get to sleep in on Saturday.  If anyone calls or knocks on my door Saturday morning, rest assured that I will break your freaking face in.  For reals.  I’m going to sleep in, and Chad is going to have chocolate chip pancakes ready for me when I roll out of bed at noon.

Mmm, chocolate chip pancakes.  Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

June 3-9:  Women’s College World Series

Marisa fun fact:  I played softball for ten years.  I was varsity through middle and high school.  The greatest event every year was the Women’s College World Series.  It was great to head to Hall of Fame Stadium with your teammates and watch the games and daydream about one day being a starter at OU.  While my fast pitch softball career ended the summer after I graduated from high school, I still love the game.  My slow pitch beer league is fun, but lacks the intensity (read:  sobriety) of a real softball game.

Though Patty Gasso’s girls are out of the tournament, it’s still fun to watch.  If you can’t make it out to the games this weekend, you can catch them on ESPN and ESPN2.  Brothers and sisters, can I get a hell yeah for Title IX?

June 4-6:  SoonerCon 2010:  A Bubba Odyssey

If you haven’t caught on yet, gentle readers, I’m a super nerd.  In fact, one could go as far as to say that I’m nerdcore.  I enjoy things like comics, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, Star Wars (episodes 4-6 only) and level 80 Druids.  If you too, are a nerd, I have found the perfect activity for you.

SoonerCon happens yearly and is like the OKC version of ComicCon.  We don’t get the same big names and I’m pretty sure that you won’t get to see sneak previews of upcoming epic thriller/special effect sagas.  But you do get to meet local comic book makers and novelists as well as vendors who specialize in the finest of niche-marketing needs.  Two former professors of mine will totally be there, signing books and peddling their nerdy goods.  Come get your nerd on.  Buy some action figures.

If for nothing else, you should show up and laugh at the dorks in costumes.  Screw dorks.  Nerdcore for life, mutha truckas.

June 5-6:  Liberty Belle WWII B-17 Bomber Flight over OKC

I don’t know what the deal is with me and family activities for this edition of FNITBT, but here’s another thing that you can bring your spawn as well as your begetters to.  The Liberty Belle will be in OKC and you can come take a tour of it, or maybe even a ride if you aren’t too chicken/broke.  From the website:

The Liberty Belle usually flies between 10am to 3pm each day with ground tours after the flights. During flight operations, there will be a designated, secure area for those who would like to watch the bomber flight at no charge. For enthusiasts that choose to take a flight experience on this legendary aircraft, these participants receive a pre-flight safety briefing containing the historical significance of the aircraft and a spectacular scenic air tour around the city. During the flight, passengers enjoy the unique opportunity of moving about the aircraft to the different combat crew positions to see the viewpoint that thousands of our heroes saw in combat over 60 years ago. Flights are $430 for non Liberty Foundation members and $390 for foundation members.

Educational, but with a pinup girl as scenery.

Typically when I’m on an airplane, I just fall asleep or try to get the poor dude sitting next to me to join the mile high club.  Neither of which actually ever works.  I just sit there and let my ears pop.

And there you go, gentle readers.  I hope I’ve given you enough wholesome activities to balance out the games of flip cup that you’ll probably be playing every night this summer.  No?  You don’t drink every night like me?  You don’t know what you’re missing.

P. S.  Raise your hand if you think Uncle Patrick needs some help finding hot guys.



    Bless you Marisa, I can totally envision an alternate universe where we were great REAL friends (not just “net” friends…) and retired together with a few other “golden girls” to south Florida to pick over the remaining able bodied geriatric studmuffins, and sip mimosa’s by the pool in the shade with long sleeves and big straw hats!

    (I TOTALLY get to be Rose– Of course you get to be Blanche!)

  2. In Patrick’s defense, I can only imagine being in his shoes. As a hetero male, it’s quite a chore to determine which other males are hot or not. And if you take the opinions of the women around you, you will be just as lost. For example, Mrs. Jax swears to this day that Chris Farley is preferable to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the margin isn’t even that close. So, you might as well just pick dudes at random and let the girls debate between which of the 42 definitions of “cute” the random guy falls into.

    • Hmmm…. perhaps Jax has a micron of a point? I guess the only solution is for Patrick to maybe start a regular edition of “Hot or Not?” instead of HGADITMAM.

      (to the whole Farley vs. Arnie thing, depends if I have to TALK to him or just do the mattress shuffle. Any woman with a cerebellum would prefer Farley if there is talking involved, BUT in the BEDROOM, or on the kitchen table, or in the garage next to the rakes…..)

      • A micron of a point is the best compliment you’ve ever given me. I’ll take it with a grin.

        However, I still don’t get it between Chris and Arnie. Arnie is a Governor after all, and probably not too shabby when it comes to cerebral topics on the political/social spectrum. Farley on the other hand, well… I just imagine conversation with him more like “Hey, remember, remember when you flashed me that one time? Yeah, that was awesome!”

        • Dude, Arnie is a roided-out Repubelican. Farley all the way, even with the matress shuffle.

  3. TLO is missing the glory/freakshow that is the SinnerCon party at SoonerCon. There’s a hell of a story here if you’re game. See, SoonerCon’s name is really fitting; it’s an half-assed convention used as an excuse for the local swingers, Goreans (look it up), dungeon/BSDM fetishists and transexual Dr. Who cosplayers can get together for a weekend orgy at one of our finest hotels. By getting enough local geeks to pay way more than standard for a psuedo-convention, the event organizers enjoy a free weekend of “fun.” And in return, visitors get to see pasties in a burlesque show. Nobody likes pasties.

    So yeah, SoonerCon is a con. There’s a reason all the local comic and game stores don’t participate and the visiting vendors don’t often return. TLO’s readers should totally attend and check it out.

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