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Harry Johnson comes in last…

Last night, Harry Johnson finished last in the Republican Primary for Oklahoma House District 5.   He only received 686 votes.  I think 600 of those votes came from people with a sense of humor as juvenile as ours, 85 came from his friends and colleagues, and 1 came from Haywood Jablome.

As a tribute to Mr. Johnson and his failed bid for epic greatness, watch the video above.  It’s pretty funny.  It’s so funny that I think we should collaborate with this guy on future videos.  What do you think?

Anyway, I’m going to say we are now officially done with bad Harry Johnson jokes.  Unless, of course, Harry Johnson “pulls out” of his next political race.   Or we learn he’s a manscaper.


  1. I am a bit disapointed Harry Johnson’s loss. Harry Johnson should stand proud in that he stayed firm with his beliefs. Not once did Johnson fold, shrivel or cower. Hopefully someday he will rise up again for the State of Oklahoma.

  2. This can’t be all we’re getting?!? Where is the rest of our snarky election recap? It’s past 11 o’clock man, do you have like a “real job” you are doing too?

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