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Here are pics and stuff of the dude accused of kidnapping and abusing his sex slave”¦

Last week, the big story in town was of the kinky (and disturbing) domestic abuse case against Richard Wise. Wise, who apparently goes by the alias “Lord Wraith,” is accused of kidnapping and assaulting a Utah woman and making her his “sex slave.”

From NewsOK:

An Oklahoma City sex fetish enthusiast who calls himself “Lord Wraith” denied Thursday that he abused a Utah woman who signed a contract to be his slave”¦

An Oklahoma County jury will begin deliberating today whether he attacked his girlfriend Feb. 17 after they returned from a Fat Tuesday celebration at an Oklahoma City nightclub. He faces a felony kidnapping count, a felony domestic abuse count and a misdemeanor domestic abuse case.

Prosecutors went forward with their case even though the girlfriend, Nanette “Gina” Larsen, 36, now claims she made up her accusations. She had told friends, police and an emergency room doctor in February that he handcuffed, choked and beat her against her will.

On Wednesday, she told jurors Wise did nothing to her Feb. 17 except hit her in the eye accidentally during a bedroom argument.

She said injuries photographed by police at the hospital came from consensual rough sex on a different day and a porch fall on Feb. 6. Prosecutors allege Wise beat her Feb. 17 because she wanted to leave him after catching him having sex with another woman in the club parking lot.

Larsen, who is married, moved back to Utah in February but has since reconciled with Wise and lives with him again. The five-page contract, signed in November 2009, says she is the slave and he is the master. It requires the slave to please the master sexually and all other ways.

Wise, a carpenter, testified his girlfriend was drunk Feb. 17. He said he hit her accidentally in the right eye with his elbow during an argument in bed over whether he cheated on her. He said he grabbed for her wrist because she was hurting him with a fingernail. He said he did not handcuff her, beat her or choke her that morning. He said he told her he had not cheated on her.

Man, that’s some disturbing stuff.  Can you imagine being a juror in that trial?  It would make me want to drink and drink heavily.  Wait.

District Judge Ray C. Elliott on Friday morning declared the mistrial after sheriff’s deputies reported a juror was drunk and possibly high on drugs. Deputies had picked up the juror at an Oklahoma City residence after the juror failed to show up for the trial Friday morning.

The judge removed the juror, Marvin Brown Jr., 27, from the jury and then had him arrested inside the courthouse. Brown faces a contempt of court hearing Monday morning.

I’ll be honest with you.  When I first heard about this story, I was just going to make some jokes about Pulp Fiction, Jim Traber and a large treasure chest, but then I stumbled upon Richard Wise’s profile from some Social Networking site called BikerOrNot. It kind of gives you a glimpse into how creepy and scary this guy is.

To save you the trouble of going to the site (it’s MySpace’esque) and registering (and then your wife finding out about it and divorcing you), we’ve decided to post his profile info and a few (borderline NSFW) pictures here.

Check it out after the jump”¦

First of all, let me say that I just went to his page to get a screen shot.  The song that auto-loads is Silent Lucidity by Queensryche.  I liked this song when I was 12.  Now that’s scary.

Anyway, here are his basic details:

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that this guy’s religious views are Pagan.  I mean he did ask a Mormon girl from Utah to move to Oklahoma and sign a contract to be his love slave.  That seems like a Pagan thing to do.  Or wait, is that Catholic?  I get them confused sometimes.   All I know is I like the one where you can dress up like a Viking and drink a lot.

Now let’s take a look at his introduction:

I like how he starts things off by creeping out any normal person who may have stopped by his profile.  And by normal person, I mean any person that’s not a little bit concerned when they meet someone who is “naughty, seductive, twisted, kinky, evil, warped, perverted, sensual, intellectual, spiritual, educated, domineering, creative, passionate, artistic, stern.”

I like how he follows that with this line “I am a simple Man that’s complicated.”  Uhm, no you’re not dude.  You are complicated as all Hell.  There’s nothing simple about a guy who likes to “Corrupt naughty bitches for My pleasure and fetish, and tickle their limits to build confidence, self esteem, security, and a Thrill beyond imagination.”  That’s the opposite of simple.

Also, how much do you want to bet that someone is reading this right now and thinking “Wait. Is this the guy who installed our new cabinets?”  How much do you want to bet that same person just threw up in their mouth?

Here’s one of those annoying quiz things:

Wow.  Where to begin?  How about the fact that both Nickleback and Morrissey are on his list of “Favorite Music.”  Or maybe it’s that he really likes to use the word “gurls?”  No, I think we should start off with the fact that one of his turn-offs is “Warm Beer.”  That may be the only normal thing about this guy.

Enough of this, let’s just look at more pictures of the guy.

Yeah.  I was going to write a caption for each picture, but that would have forced me to analyze each picture in way too much detail.  Instead, I’ll close with this simple thought.  He does kind of look like a kinky, skinnier Jim Traber in that last one….right?

Anyway, this dude’s retrial will beging next February or March.  It will be interesting to see what the verict is.  Also, it will be interesting to see how soon Law and Order SVU picks up on this story and makes it in an episode.  I’m sure it will make your grandparents uncomfortable, but they’ll like it.


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